The Interim Budget: Why it was a Vote Budget?

Vote Budget - Populist budget rolled out to favor ruling party in forthcoming elections

The out-going Government at New Delhi presented a voter friendly interim budget last week. Why are our governments always believe in bleeding the economy more to retain their government. It all ends up to one thing. Win the general elections, regain voter confidence so that they can ignore the voters till the end of next five years!

That is why, instead of an economy friendly budget a voter budget was presented. It now time that the government stoped protecting the people who have money, and then started to have a broad view of India, the real India.

What Obama doing in US is to raise taxes for the wealthy, and offer packages to those who really need it. The Trillion Dollar Economic stimuls package hopefully will be able to reduce the economical drag. Why can’t India offer such a stimuls plan which should match in features, amounting to what it requires.

As Sirish puts in Overdrive, we all now are afraid or irritated to hear the “R” word more than the “F” word. But you would still use it in day to day basis. Whether you face it or not, the term Recession is being used to undue advantage by some. Delibrately putting the people at risk.

Why should a innocent, common man suffer? Why should he not be insulated from the greed from other people. Why not punish the people behind the scenes, who are responsible for this whole recessionary environment.

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