Happy Valentines Day!


I wish all of you a very Happy Valentines Day! Well, it may not have been good for some of the couples who were beaten up (shown on the News) but to rest of them, hope that it was as good as it can be.

Mumbai had a peaceful Valentines day unlike last few years, which was a welcome change. The Police Commissioner of Mumbai told a news channel that they won’t allow people to do the Moral Policing which may involve violence. The Mumbai Police had made proper arrangements to avoid any untoward incident.

It was good to see this change and an initiative from the Police.

However there were series of actions in other parts of the country. In UP, Bajrang Dal Activist beat up a Brother – Sister thinking they were couple came under severe critisim from across the country. In Ujjain, a police sub inspector beat up a girl, pulled her hairs and kept draging her for a long time while people stood around and were being a mute spectator.

This kind of policing is not acceptable and Mumbai Police has shown the way to all other Police branches of the country that their Job is to protect people of this lovely country, and not beat up out of anger.

Good Job, Mr. Hasan Gafoor.

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