Finally the wait is over: TATA NANO is coming!

Tata Motor's Nano is small car with 600 CC engine, and is billed as the most affordable car in the world

To defy the words of Osama Suzuki, of Suzuki Motors, who jokingly said on TATA’s NANO “it would be a three-wheeler with a stepney”, TATA is launching the NANO finally on March 3. As a tribute to the JRD on his birthday, Tata is launching the Car of the Year for this year (it’s my prediction, Nano will have the crown). Wow, what a brilliant way to paying a tribute to JRD.

When is the Tata Nano Launching?

That has been the question on every one’s lips. What is the launch date of Tata Nano. People have kept asking me about it (I am famous with my circle of friends for Automobile updates) and everytime I have only one answer. I will ask Ratan Tata when he is free. Today the date is in the Public domain.

The famous phrase of Ratan Tata now stands valid “promise is a promise” and delivered.

What do you need to have to get this famous Car in your garage?

Well, you can pre – book the car by making a down payment of 70k at the TATA Showrooms and at select State Bank of India branches (do you remember the TATA Motors Branded Credit Card which was serviced by SBI… that’s the connection).

Apart from being the de facto financer for the Nano, SBI will also be accepting booking (a first in India) for the Tata Nano. More Banks may also be added if need arises. Subscription will be through forms but I don’t know whether that will cost money!

The down payment amount is half the on road cost of the car, i.e. INR 1,40,000.

The details for the launch event are very sketchy yet, but buzz on the net has it that Tata’s Nano will be given to some prominent leaders and celebrities.

After the issue at Singur from where Tata’s were forced to pull out, Tata’s choose Gujarat as their preferred state to put up the Nano Plant, reportedly within two days after seeing a presentation by the Modi led government.

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