ICC notice on ICL issue

ICC v/s Essel Group over Indian Cricket League

ICC has issued a notice to all its member boards on the ICL issue. The notice mentions that this issue is going to be on the agenda when they meet next.

The Indian Cricket League (ICL) has been in the middle of controversy ever since Subash Chandra has started it two years ago with Kapil Dev as its mentor. This he did because his firm Zee Sports was not awarded rights even after putting down the highest bid on the grounds that the firm did not had experience broadcasting Cricket matches.

This bold move of his have brought him more foes than friends in the industry.

The reason why this has suddenly come up because the PCB. PCB has been served a notice from its players who were banned from playing for the nation from their lawyers.

In the notice, the lawyer has questioned about the very rule in the rule book that had allowed PCB to ban its players. Pakistani players are earning big money with ICL than they are getting for playing for their country. However, to play for their country is every country mans dream and no one can deny him if he or she has a talent.

Hope this time around, people will have more sentiments towards Cricket and its development that earning money.

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