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Tarnishing sentiments? Banglore pub attack, the school attack?


They were the most horrible images I have seen of late. A bunch of hooglians by the name of “Shri Ram Sene” barged into a pub in Banglore to kick and beat off the young boys and girls.They were beating each and every one emerging out of that pub after they created issue that Indian girls are not allowed to visit a pub.

This is a step in the direction of some kind of Talibanism made. But surprisingly, this is being implemented by a little known Hindu group.

The school that got attacked in Nashik was playing a Bhojpuri song, and the MNS activists claim that they never understood the song and ransacked the schools believing that they were celebrating on Republic Day. May I ask whether we should celebrate Republic Day only in Marathi so that MNS can understand?

India is a open country and every one has the right to enjoy their own way. A man cannot hit a woman in India, but even after this being recorded live, there is little or no action of those accused. This needs to stop. No Gundaism in India. Already we are tormented by those terrorists, and now these hooglians who are our own Indians.

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