Using WIFI? Police will give you a visit

Wi-Fi usage to be monitored by Police

If you are using WI-FI in Mumbai, then be prepared for a police visit to your place. Mumbai Police, in its ambitious drive to secure the WI – FI users from any hacking organiaztionas/hackers getting into their network and use it.

This is a step taken after US Citizen Keith Heywood was targetted by terroists to send emails claiming their responsibility. The police will be armed with a laptop and security breach testing softwares. The Police will then suggest the changes to be done on the network so that the users can make the whole stuff secure. If they found that even after the warning, they dont do the changes which are suggested, the Police with fine them.

Pretty good way to secure our WIFI networks. Good Job Mumbai Police.

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1 Comment
  1. Johnn says

    This is a needy step which will help the Mumbai police to avoid going round and round on the clues. Nabbing these ***h*l*s is so needy. They kill innocent people and then boom! vanish into nowhere.

    People of Mumbai are not very lucky to experience this. But hope that turns around.

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