Go Kart Fever

Go Karting Fever

Hey, its was Awesome! Thats exactly how I reacted after my first stinct with a Karting Car.

On sunday, my friends gathered for a get together after a long time. They decided that we would do a go kart. But I was in irony. I had my cousin visiting me for the most important thing in his life, to choose a wife.

After he came back from the girl’s place, I asked him if he would come. He agreed and I was able to go to this famous Go Kart in Mumbai. Hakone Karting, at Powai.

We reached there at 9.15 pm, by when my friends already had bought tickets. We had to wait for a long list of people who came there. An hour later, it was our time. I was the first one to go. The moment I sat in the small kart, I felt as if I am doing the best thing in my life I have ever done. I am car frantic. I love motor sports.

I had done 6 laps topping the charts among four of us. With the best time of 43.06 seconds, I was overwhelmed. The best lap for the day was 26.38 seconds. Considering that this was my first time, I am very happy.

Next time I am going to go there, I want to improve on my performance and hope for a battle with my friends. Would be interesting. I am eager to be there again.

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