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Nokia: Recylce your old handsets


Nokia has launched an ambitious green drive to treat e-Waste in India.

Nokia will “Take Back”, as it is named, old handsets and accessories regardless of brand. First of a kind in India for e-Waste social responsibility initiative, this is first step towards a greener world. Hoping to educate an average Indian about the importance of recycling of e-Waste. I would like to congratulate Nokia for their initiative. There are various world class multi national dealing in electronic products and no one has promoted their intention this way.

For every product re-cycled through these “Recycle Bins” set up at Nokia Priority Dealers and Care outlets, Nokia will plant a tree. Those who are participating in this initiative will also receive a surprise gift.

Points to be noted, Nokia India:

  1. Plants would be planted in India (I know its cheeky, but wanted to make a point).
  2. Allow, not all but through a lottery,  those who are re-cycling their eWaste to participate in the saple plantation drive to encourage more people.
  3. Have reputed NGO (s) participate / invited.
  4. Have a online pressence where people can track how many saplings have been planted, giving an option for those who could not take part in this initiative.

It is cretainly exiting, and paves the way for others to follow. LG, Samsung, Sony, Videocon, Onida… guys, do this. It can get you some thing back.

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