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A month after a Disaster!


A large section of media are taking a count on the action that happend after the Mumbai Seige.

Today, I watched a Malayalam movie, Baba Kalyani which based on the terror theme. It shows how those in the Power put their zeal in proctecting the very people who are encouraging terror. I was moved by the movie that even in God’s Own country, mafia and gundaism prevails over God’s beauty.

You should watch three films to find out whats happening in the brains of people of  India. A Wednesday, a film starring Nasseruddin Shah and Anupam Kher. Mumbai meri Jaan starring Madhavan and Irfan Khan. And ofcourse, Baba Kalyani starring Mohanlal.

These movies are based on the terror attacks on various parts of India.

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