Independence Struggle in 2008

You all might know the recent boil in Jammu and Kashmir. It’s in a pretty bad stage at present and you would be surprised to know that people of Kashmir want them to belong to Pakistan rather than India.

This is a question of national stature and people are taking it very seriously. I wonder the confidence level of those people who would like to see Kashmir with Pakistan.

Would anybody let Pakistan have Kashmir when the people want it that way? Tough question isn’t it!

That’s the way things are shaping up. Already India and Pakistan are ruling the Kashmir albeit divided by the LOC. And if the Kashmir falls in the hands of Pakistan, imagine the threat level to India as a Country.

It would be safe heaven for all those who are involved in the Terrorist Activities. Doesn’t anyone would think of that? What if the people who are making this move are those who require a Terrorist Safe Heaven? Who will give India those answers?
What is RAW doing about this? Well, some of this information is never publicized coz of security reasons.

There were allegations that Indian political parties are trying to gather a Hindu Vote Bank. But Muslim community is growing by the day and if ever they over take the Hindus and be the majority, what these politicos will do?

India is a democratic mess! Congress tries to pass test of trust banking upon parties which were its enemy in the past. One you are in a situation, you are forced to do anything. But why is this important.

People around the world may not be aware of the political crucifiction of Mother India that is happening in the country.

God save mother India and we Indians…

So what do you think about this article?

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