Hey, How are you guys?

Hey Guys,

I am back in action and am sorry for being out of it for a while!

There are some specific reasons for that. I just got time to update and thought of people who visit me here. I would like to know them indepth and so would request to email me at via Contact me page so that I can know you better…

I am awating for my results to come as soon as possible. They are due this month and the fact is that no body knows when.

I am planning to build up a new website, as a part of my efforts to help students for their perparation for exams (www.Fins.co.nr) has hit in as I failed to get appropriate content). This will be an educational
website and is being done in partnership with few of my good friends who liked the idea pretty well.

The basic thing we are stuck at is that we need the studymaterial and already we are having some one help us with. But that would not be completely helpful for us, as we are aiming very high level of education.

This website is a noble idea to help those students who are working and doing their studies as well.

We are also open to advertisment to cut down the our cost of hosting while we are managing to put this website up in a short period. The desiging for the same is already started and we are having it done at a
rapid pace.