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Why I quit The Himalayan Tribe Working Committee

Update: After I quit the accusations were still flying around, and some well wishers and naysayers informed me a few of them. Here are my clarifications.

  1. I am accused of lying – that I never told them web server space cost Rs. 15,000. Well to be honest, I lent THT the server space that I already owned and operated and I did not buy it specifically for THT. That is why I never told them there will be any cost to bear in the first year! If people cannot understand difference between lending and buying, I cannot help!
  2. I am still accused of my intent of making money from website – this time, conversely with the thought that I would have made money from the hosting space renewal that THT will be buying in the second year onwards. Here is an excerpt from the charter that I had created, where I was supposed to be signatory as well, but which was never signed for god knows what reason.


THT logo on visor - The Himalayan Tribe

The Himalayan Tribe: Morbe Dam Off Road Video now live

I have uploaded a new video on my Indianomics channel on Youtube. Three fellow THTians (The Himalayan Tribe’s men) went for a off-road ride to Morbe Dam. Morbe Dam is a gravity dam on the Dhavari river near Khalapur, Raigad district. They came back with a few videos.

I loved the ones where they create a dust-burnout and decided to create a video! Turns out, they had a few more pictures and I used them. A learning from making the video is to ensure to obtain landscape video shots. My friends shot many a video in portrait mode. Not all videos make for a fit on a video which is almost always in a landscape mode. (more…)