Tata Tigors lined up for the drive of the day

In style with Tata Tigor, the styleback car!

It has been 6 months since I drove the Tata Hexa, and it was awesome experience. And this time around I got called for Tata Tigor. Timing of it cannot have been any better, with my birthday around!

I never traveled north of India, with northest I been to was Kutch. Still largely between the equator and Tropic of Cancer. So, this was the first real time I crossed the Tropic of Cancer over India. Flying to Delhi then!

It was the Saturday, week before the event, I got a call from Nihal. He asked if I was interested in driving Tata Tigor? I only had one word to say. You guessed it. A quick word with wife and I had already sent him my details to proceed with booking flights and hotel arrangements.

I did not know who were my fellow passengers to the event. It was only the day before my flight that I knew that gang from Hexa event was there. I felt happier, knowing the people who will be spending the weekend with me.

I leave for Airport before time so that I can enjoy my breakfast at Carnations, courtesy Ola Priority Membership. Yesteryear’s star Zeenat Aman was sitting across my table having breakfast. All I could think of is to remind myself – “do not go asking for a selfie – she is having breakfast!”

Soon I am joined by Sanjay Thampy, Ankit Jain, Sangeeta Yadav and many new faces as we wait for our GoAir flight. After a delay of an hour, I was finally on my way to Delhi, the Kejri-land that I had never been to…

Tigor Styleback, everywhere!

As soon as we arrived at the arrival terminal, we were directed to the Styleback counter that Tata Motors had set up at the Airport. Everyone got to pick up their route map, luggage badges and ID cards – all custom branded to Tata Tigor Styleback with a sketch design of the car.

Tata’s nailed it this time around – with a lot of general public getting much curious and started even asking around what this stall is all about. Tigor will see more fan following as I figure out later.

From Airport, we were escorted to 1AQ, where the styleback experience was in full swing. I fed myself there, with a tasty pasta and salad for lunch. I am veggie, so had limited options. There were sea food and meat, and I hear they were excellent. And the deserts, I cannot say enough off! Lovely! Look at the pictures.

I left 1AQ in disappointment. Qutub Minar is just a 5-minute walk away, if time permitted. We have very tight schedule, thanks to the congestion in Mumbai Airport that delayed landing in Delhi, by approx. two hours. So, disheartened, I move to the hotel.

Day 1 of Tata Motors’ Hospitality

Andaz by Hyatt, Delhi Aerocity

I am absolutely surprised as we reach Andaz. It is different. Different than any other hotels I have been to. It was surprising how difficult it is to differentiate among other hotels, but easy if you knew how to do it.

In a true essence Tata Tigor and Andaz Delhi are high on Style! From little things to the ambiance, design and grandeur, Andaz just filled me up. A look at the staff, and no one missed to smile. It makes a huge difference. The crockery is colorful, so is the food. Array of options, the best of what Chefs could make.

I doubted it is called Andaz and not And AZ – since Andaz literally completes everything A to Z! Even got the staff to give me a bite! I would love to go back again. Question is – how soon?

Tata Tigor Launch Presentation

With a room like the one I got, it did not feel good to leave it for the presentation but that is what I am here for – the car, Tata Tigor. The compact sedan that does not look like one, the hatch back that is not a hatchback.

The way the car has been designed, it has created a new category itself. And Tata Motors got to name it, Styleback. A name not in the dictionary. Unique, and creative.

Then I saw Pratap Bose. He is the guy behind the team that designed Hexa and Tiago. He is the man behind the IMPACT philosophy that makes Tata cars look great! Something that Tata’s sorely missed of-late.

On to the presentation then!

Tata Tigor features in a jiffy!

Tata Tigor has many a jaw drop with the looks. And features will just add to the weight. Tigor is Tata’s freshest entry into the competitive Compact Sedan arena. Compact Sedans as a category was created by Tata Motors with Indigo CS – taking full advantage of the Govt. tax soaps for cars below 1.4-liter engine and 4 meters in length.

Tigor Design and Style

Let me tell you that Tigor is the best-looking car around! Period. It is unlike anything in the market today and there is no denying the fact that it beats the competition hands down. It does carry forward the Tiago look and feels through B-pillar, however after that things change for better. This is not your hatchback with a boot.

Head-on, there is not much to differentiate between Tigor and Tiago – the car on which the former is based. Radiator grill and smoked headlight unit with projector headlamps being the difference. Among other things, the diesel variant of the car gets 14-inch tires, and petrol one comes with 15-incher. There is just required amount of chrome, sleek led tail lamps and the nice bumper provide this car the name Styleback!

Tigor gets Harman designed infotainment system with touchscreen. The screen also doubles up as the rear parking camera view – which may not be very efficient. I would have preferred it to show up on the center review view mirror but I am not complaining.

Tigor standout features for your heart!

Apart from the obvious styling differences, Tigor sets a few benchmarks in this segment. Several small things add up to this huge positive vibe I feel about Tata Tigor. The boot lid uses beams instead of hinges which helps in an increase in usage space of total 419 liters of boot space.

6 speaker Harman speakers do a fantastic job, and will ensure you are totally happy even if you are playing Justin Biber! The Infotainment system can connect with your phone and use applications. You get steering mounted controls and voice activation. Tigor comes with Climate Control and that is a segment first. Aircon is strong and quick in cooling the cabin. There are 28 Cubby holes per Tata’s. The rear seat has an arm rest with two cup holders, again a segment first.

The allow rims also come in dual tone which are very nice to look at, so does the color inserts around the aircon vents on the dash matching with the color of the car. Tigor is available in Copper Dazzle, Platinum Silver, Pearlescent White, Espresso Brown, Berry Red.

For your brain: Engine and performance

Tigor is is powered by 1.2-liter Revotron 3-cylinder petrol engine and by 1.05-liter Revotorq diesel engine. Revotron displaces a maximum power & torque of 85ps and 114Nm torque which Revotroq variant is churns out a power output of 70ps and 140Nm of torque.

Both engines come with multiple drive modes, viz. City for peppier performance and Eco for more mileage conscious. Power is transmitted via a 5-speed gearbox. AMT version is not being launched for now, though Tata Motor’s Pratap Bose suggested their target niche for Tigor are women.

Well that is what is on the paper. So how does it drive on the road? Well, Tigor drives nicely and that is a combination of a lot of things. Tigor petrol car’s suspension felt a bit supple which diesel one’s felt a bit stiff. Both cars absorb bumps brilliantly and that is a testament of Tata’s efforts.

For sure, the NVH levels in diesel car were evident and something that is an area of improvement. It is not bad, but something that Tata needs to work on to improve in upcoming versions of the car. Petrol engine is an aluminum block, and lighter of the two by 100kgs, is peppier than diesel. Diesel one needs to push past 2500 rpm, after which it works nicely.

The car handles well, though the route we drove was pretty much highway. It is a comfortable car do begin with and takes potholes with aplomb. It is no Hexa, and not an off-roader. Handling is also neat, there is no body roll and the car feels planted on the road.

Tata Tigor Unique Review

This is not your normal YouTube review, but a review that is non-journalistic.

Kitna deti hai?

Though the mileage was not revealed by Tata Motors, but it is evident when we drove the car that petrol returned an average of 15 while the diesel got us 17 kmpl. Keep in mind that these are readings on the dash screen which are not very accurate. At the same time, we all drove the car to test its features and performance and not mileage given the time we had in our hands.

So what is my take on it?

Tigor is a lovely car to come from the stable of Tata. One of the criticisms with Tata cars was always that they are not desirable, but no longer. Tiago, Hexa, Tigor all follow the IMPACT design language that has successfully put Tata back into the game.

It will deliver you goods you are looking for at a budget but will not make you feel compromised. The quality levels are next to the best if not the best, and two engine options are refined too. I will pick up the petrol for its super performance, 15-inch tires and overall ride.

TATA HEXA Experience

Tata Hexa Experience! You gotta feel it!!

Tata Hexa is being readied for the launch, and I am among a lucky few who got to see it, feel it and experience it first. It has been more than a year since Hexa made it to Geneva Motor show. And it is now time, for its grand reveal.

As usual with any IndiBlogger meet, I am among the last who get on the bandwagon. But this time, I had to be there. Tata Hexa is the reason. With its launch just around the corner, Tata Hexa has been one of the eagerly awaited vehicle – the wait wearing thin on some as well who could not wait for it anymore. Of all bloggers, only top 60 bloggers were invited to be present at this event, and that made me feel privileged.

The event was organized from 22rd and 23th of October, at Hyderabad by IndiBlogger and Tata Motors. The location was Novotel Hyderabad Airport Hotel, just 3 kms away. Half of the hotel area was dressed up with Hexa promotion art and design, which did ooze a lot of elegance. It has been 7 years since my first meet with IndiBlogger, and in essence I am already a veteran there. Many new faces did not know me, but oldies did. Friends in Sanjay Thampy, Ankit Jain helped me through the wave of newbies.

Tata Hexa Experience


Sudden buzz in Aviation Industry

I was planning for a week-long trip this November, and my plans started falling apart after I saw the airline ticket prices going up rapidly. The day (23rd Sept) I checked the fares, return tickets for two adults from BOM (Mumbai) to IXB (Bagdogara) via DEL (Delhi) travelling in November on  Air India (1 stop with the lowest layover time) costed Rs. 19,601. The fare for the same flight went up to Rs. 22,408  the very next day. On 3rd day, the fare again changed to Rs. 24,402. Today, the same flight tickets would cost me Rs.36,282.

Woot! That’s a rock solid increase of Rs. 16,681 in ticket fare in just 4 days for a flight trip planned almost 2 months in advance. I had to wait for my salary to come to book trip tickets for this huge amount, and it now does not make any sense. As you might assume, I backed off from booking the ticket. (more…)

Datsun is here, and it only gets complicated

Nissan is re-launching the Datsun brand and it starts with India, one of the most looked out for among the emerging markets for global car manufacturers. For those who do not know, Datsun has a rich heritage in Cars and racing, but the brand Datsun was replaced by what is now called “Nissan” way back in 1981.

It has been in news ever since last two years when it was first announced. The reason Nissan’s move has generated such a hype in media and among auto-enthusiasts is because of the brand they choose, and not what they are going to do with it. Datsun pretty much helped establish the Japanese car makes in the western world, particularly the United States.

My First ever Xtreme Drive: Safari Storme

Call it the Call of Duty or Meeting a Beast. You can pick one, but both, I did with pleasure.

The new IndiBlogger meet in Mumbai had something never seen or experienced before at any previous meets. As with every IndiMeets, I set off on my trusted and abused TVS Wego from Dombivali to Andheri Chitrakoot Grounds via Mankhurd for a stopover at my in-laws. Oh yes guys, I recently got married to my love of my life.

Riding the Wego with Pillion for 36 Kilometers and then solo for the next 24.7 KMS was as always pleasure. For me, this was kind of an extreme drive (ride if you so wish) through horrible traffic as always. The longest I have ridden is for 125 kilometers, but more on that in an upcoming post.

The Backdrop stage
The Backdrop stage

IndiBlogger has been an extended family for me. Almost all meets in Mumbai and you can expect me to be there, standing with the IndiTeam and running around. Well, you are forgiven to think I am part of the IndiTeam! I get those feedbacks from people about the meet thinking I am from the IndiTeam, even after I told them many times over in the past meets that I am not part of the IndiTeam itself.