A year with my TVS Wego!

TVS Wego, the scooter of the year 2011. TVS Wego, my first ever vehicle.

The Chits

More than a year ago, I got my hands on this two-wheeler. I was confused between buying a Car and Bike, and was wondering what should I be doing. At home, along with Mom, Dad and my sis, we all made chits to decide what should I do. First chit was written “Bike”, second one had written  “Car”, third one as “Car & Bike” and forth one as “None”.

Well you guessed it wrong, the chit that got picked was “Car & Bike”. Now to my amazement, I was finally able to buy both and the worrying bit was that I would need to look at financing both. I went to all possible Hatchback showrooms in Thane and checked almost every car under the budget of Rs. 3.5 Lakhs which got extended time and again as I was impressed by higher valued cars. One thing I was certain – which ever car I will buy it will have to be the top end model.  (more…)

Skribit Suggestion: Tata Nano and my Opinion

Well, one of my readers suggested on the Skribit Widget that I write more about Tata Nano and my Opinion. So, here you go.

Tata Nano, as I see is a revolution. It may not be a revolution in looks and design, but it is a revolution in the way cars can be cost manufactured. Yes, the quality of Tata Nano is not to compared to a Mercedes – Benz. Nano gives you the comfort of more than a Scooter. But what I feel is that Nano was never to be compared to a Scooter. It is after all a 800 beater.

Tata Nano is more important to Tata as it can compete right into the war chest of Maruti. Nano offers more space, if far more comfortable than Maruti 800 / Maruti Alto.

I have had written posts on Tata Nano from the moment it was announced that it is ready for launch. If you ask me on which car would I put my money on, I would love to put on Tata Nano. There are few reasons why I would do so. (more…)

Tata Nano’s Copycats – Ferrari’s and Fiat’s Nano? Scoop Pictures of New FIAT 600 and Ferrari F634

Are Ferrari and Fiat planning to create their own Nano iterations? That is exactly what these scoop pictures revel. Tata and Fiat’s relationship

Believe it, this is the first Ferrari hatch back car. Ferrari is named this little wonder F634 and code named it one, while Fiat is planning to use it to create a sequel Fiat 600 to its successful and legendary Fiat 500. Enjoy exclusive scoop pictures.

What is unclear whether this attempt is to make just a Concepts or actually make it to production. Watch this place for more…

Ferrai F634 one


Ferrari's 634 one or F634 is exactly a different level for Ferrari. I dont understand why Ferrari is choosing to move away from its sedans and moving to a Tata Nano based Super Car? Click on the picture for Bigger Picture.
Ferrari’s 634 one or F634 is exactly a different level for Ferrari. I dont understand why Ferrari is choosing to move away from its sedans and moving to a Tata Nano based Super Car? Click on the picture for Bigger Picture.


Tata has got Ferrari to design & use the Nano platform for a Nano sized sports version, which of course would not be cheap. This Ferrari will use the 500 Abarth’s engine and will be built in limited numbers. F634 is based on the platform that underpins the Tata Nano, so it would be some what similar to Nano in its dimensions. However, it would look different. The scoop pictures have only revealed the back side, keeping the Front and Side design under wraps.

Design house Pininfarnia which got its hands on the First Nano recently, has been assigned the responsibility for designing this cute little hatch. Ferrari has a long association with Pininfarnia, and Tata Motors is also a share holder.

What makes me wonder is that Ferrari is moving away from it sedan and moving to Hatch back!!!

Vehicle type: back-engine, front-wheel-drive, 2-passenger, 3-door hatchback
Estimated Base Price: $23,000
Esitmated Launch: 2011
Engine: Turbocharged DOHC 16-valve 1.4-liter inline-4, aluminium block and head, port fuel injection
Displacement: 83 cu in, 1368cc
Power: 135 BHP @ 5500 rpm
Torque: 152 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Wheelbase: 90.6 in Length: 139.8 in Width: 65.0 in Height: 58.2 in
Curb weight: 2282 lb
Performance (Est.): Zero to 62 mph: 7.9 sec
Fuel Economy (Est.): 8 Km. /litre

FIAT 600 Seicento


FIAT 600: Based on Tata Nano, £8000 . Quality, upmarket feel, luxurious interiors. Click on the picture for Bigger Picture.
FIAT 600: Based on Tata Nano, £8000 . Quality, upmarket feel, luxurious interiors. Click on the picture for Bigger Picture.

Fiat has got rights to use the Nano Platform to produce the sequel to Tata Nano. However this Nano will be different. It will not be tall as Nano, but will be better and cuter. As seen in this artist’s representation here, it certainly looks cool in 3 door format of Nano which is not seen yet, however if you notice the height is down by 100 nm. Read Wiki about Fiat 600 Seicento here.

Similar to FIAT 500, FIAT 600 Seicento was produced last from 1955 to 1969.

Understandably, the front will go extensive overhaul to give it the 500 family look, how side is expected to remain same. This Fiat will sport a mid – engine.

An ideal choice for Fiat to go ahead and give the people a sequel to 500, however expect this to be cheaper than 500. The Current 500 available in UK costs £8,100 OTR Price so expect this one to cost between £7000 – £8,300.


Vehicle type: rear-engine, front-wheel-drive, 4-passenger, 3-door hatchback
Estimated Base Price: £7,000 – £8,300
Esitmated Launch: 2012
Engine: Pop 1.2 litre, port fuel injection
Displacement: 65 cu in, 1242cc
Power: 69 BHP @ 5500 rpm
Torque: 132 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Wheelbase: 2300 mm, Length: 3546 mm, Width: 1627mm, Height: 1485 mm
Curb weight: 865 Kgs.
Performance (Est.): Zero to 62 mph: 12.9 sec
Fuel Economy (Est.): 8 Km. /litre

A Very Happy April Fool

Tata Nano to be launched: Some Loan specific details

Ratan Tata will be marking a historic event in India, and its motor industry.

I have compiled a few information which should assist any Nano buyer.

Loans from Bank:

Nano is targeted at a group where most of the people will be choosing for a loan that putting cash on the table.

SBI group may be the leading lender for Tata’s Nano, but it may not be offering the cheapest interest rates. SBI and associated banks may be offering loans for Tata Nano at the prevaling interest rates, at around 11.5 – 12 %. At the same time, taking a loan from BoI (Bank of India) may be much affordable, since loans interest rates for the Nano’s perspective customers of Nano would be around 12.5 %.


Tata Nano: Accessories

Ah, finally you can customize your Nano for a few thousand rupees and make it your unique one. That does not come cheap, but is far more satisfying to know that you bloody, can.

Luggage carrier for space consious.

Colored Bumpers for looks

Radio / Audio Player for those looking for solace in music

Body color, side skirts, alloy wheels… glore…

You get more options and it is not that you have to visit the Tata dealer to get these fitted. As confired in a report by Zee Business, you can get accessories in the market starting day three after the launch of a automobile product.

Fully Loaded Nano

What will a fully loaded Nano come with?

It comes with all the usual bells and whistles of a standard version but adds some of the following add ons.

Air Conditioning, Body Colored bumpers, Power stearing, Power Windows

What you can add on?

A audio player, Alloy wheel and a Luggage carrier.