TAMO Racemo is here and how!

Alright, I gotta admit that I am late in writing about it when the whole automotive media is already gung-ho! But that is the impact Tamo Racemo has created. Well, I will reserve my comments on the name for later in the article. But good lord, that thing is stunning!

Tata Motors sub-brand TAMO's RACEMO+ Forza Horizon 3 - front view
Tata Motors sub-brand TAMO’s RACEMO+ Forza Horizon 3 – front view

Tamo Racemo is also the first Indian car to feature in a major gaming series. When I say Indian, the manufacturer is what I meant. (more…)

Me with Tata Hexa

Tata Hexa Review: Competition has to be worried!

This is a continued post about my Tata Hexa Experience. I spoke… err… wrote about how immensely important it was for me to meet and converse with the people who were behind this project. Most of the automotive channels like magazines and websites will not be speaking about that – or for that matter, I don’t know if they cared. Here on, then, let’s talk about the car.

The Hexa is an improved effort from Tata Motors, who have been going through a rough patch (more…)

TATA HEXA Experience

Tata Hexa Experience! You gotta feel it!!

Tata Hexa is being readied for the launch, and I am among a lucky few who got to see it, feel it and experience it first. It has been more than a year since Hexa made it to Geneva Motor show. And it is now time, for its grand reveal.

As usual with any IndiBlogger meet, I am among the last who get on the bandwagon. But this time, I had to be there. Tata Hexa is the reason. With its launch just around the corner, Tata Hexa has been one of the eagerly awaited vehicle – the wait wearing thin on some as well who could not wait for it anymore. Of all bloggers, only top 60 bloggers were invited to be present at this event, and that made me feel privileged.

The event was organized from 22rd and 23th of October, at Hyderabad by IndiBlogger and Tata Motors. The location was Novotel Hyderabad Airport Hotel, just 3 kms away. Half of the hotel area was dressed up with Hexa promotion art and design, which did ooze a lot of elegance. It has been 7 years since my first meet with IndiBlogger, and in essence I am already a veteran there. Many new faces did not know me, but oldies did. Friends in Sanjay Thampy, Ankit Jain helped me through the wave of newbies.

Tata Hexa Experience


India’s most innovative companies

When I saw this news, I was surprised at first and then when I read more about, I felt proud.

Two India’s youngest companies which made it big found their names into this prestigious list prepared by FastCompany. Redbus.in and Narayana Hrudayalaya.

“Narayana Hrudayalaya is Walmart meets Mother Teresa” is what FastCompany has to say about the hospital run by Doctor couple in India.

Read more in detail about Narayana Hrudayalaya on Fast Company’s website.

Organizing the scattered Bus travel industry in India takes Redbus.in to this list. A sorely missed alternative after success of IRCTC’s online railway reservation, Redbus.in managed to pull off what can be easily termed as a “mamoth’s task”.

Read more in detail about Redbus.in on Fast Company’s website.

Last year, another Indian company was featured by FastCompany was Shaadi.com. This is certainly a prospective proposition for other Indian comapnies to do things, differently.