India in Recession: An short note to be noted!

I read an interesting news on DNA Mumbai edition.

Are you worried about Job losses and Job security? Then you have a robot for a company now! Japanese companies are axing hired Robots in the wake of recent plummeted demand in Industrial production. According to what the newspaper published, in 2005, more than 370,000 robots worked in factories across Japan, about 40% of the Global total.

There are still people who think Recession prevails in India, but its not. In fact, it never was. It’s only the Recessionary Mood that is prevailing. I saw people who were searching Google when “India recovering from Recession” and “how IT can recover from recession in india

I can understand their curiosity. I get a hit on my Blog for at least once in a day for Recession. The geography is not limited to India, even outside India. Recession might effect the IT Industry if things still go bad in other countries. So will be all Export oriented units.

Whatever the mindset says, India is clearly out of Recession. As of now and largely enough, the wave has gone by and things look again, back to square one.

The Markets will remain positive for June 2009: A little worry though

It was two horrific news with a good one. What a combination you may ask?

The first and obvious story that captured the headlines were the racism attacks on Indians in Australia. That followed with the news that Oil prices will be de-regulated which means that things could go costlier in future.

However, it may just be good that it will happen. The reforms was what was expected of Congress and they are bang on it! It also may turn out to be good for the economy overall. Because that inflation can grow up from here and this will help the country to be back on the fast track out of recession in general.

The Good news from a cell phone user point of view was that Minister A. Raja said that he wished the Telephonic rates to come down to 10 paise for local calls and 25 paise for STD calls. What the government has dones is done a small harm with even smaller good.

This can spell doom for mobile telephonic companies profit margins, but then they will have to resort to VAS for earnings. This is a bit tricky one which may not necessarily boost healthy competition. Instead, I forsee mobile companies getting too agressive with VAS and customer will be bombared with calls and SMSes ignoring privacy and Do Not Disturb facility.

These news’ will have its effect on the Sensex and how! I stand by my prediction on Sensex crossing 16K by June end which I had posted earlier on my Blog. Trade safe, dont be aggressive in your investment decisions.

Now the Bulls will roar – Sensex Outlook after elections

Now that every one knows what happened yesterday all of you people will be guessing what will happen to Sensex, the benchmark index. If you do not know; the Great Indian Elections that were held in four phases last month where the United Progressive Alliance, led by Congress won with majority defeating BJP and others who posed a threat on them.

Given that Dalal street has a soft corner for Congress and vice – versa, the Sensex will gain more. From my earlier prediction, I said that Sensex will gain up to 15,000 levels by the end of the June. However looking at the volatility in the market, I will revise it to a more modest 13,800 levels. But I would also like to maintain that Sensex may cross the 14,200 mark and may even go up to 15,000 levels.

India will recover first: Recession may not last long

The Recession which has crippled the whole world will see its effect coming down by the end of June,09 claims a report by Nourma.

I had earlier predicted that the Sensex, if it manages to go past the 11k mark India will be the First country in the world to have come out of this recession thing.

In India, the word is taken for granted and only the very big companies apart from share broker and equity share holders were actually struck by Recession. Other industries were mere the cats that were being asked to meaow. There are lot of companies which are downsizing their staff levels in the name of recession, which is just a reason.

The cost cutting initiatives from companies overseas may have effect on the Indian Economy, but since the domestic market is so strong that the whole economy can withstand it.

Its all about US and Slumdog

I am sure you are reading this first and exclusively on Hemal Shah’s Indianomics Blog.

The News Channels were happy to report that people who are affected by the Recession, who lost jobs were forced to stay in open areas around California, the US.

It seems the west is learning a few chapters from the east. While it is not yet the Slum situation there, but it looks like one. These people started living in tents setup in open areas.

Now it is not surprising why Slumdog Millionaire is so very hit in United States…

PS: I am not trying to make a muck about it and its not a joke in a bad taste, please take it lightly. My hearts are with those people…