Sweet lil Baby

She sleeps so cute,
As smooth as a flute,
Love to see her sleeping,
She is my baby cute,

Her glowing skin,
And her tiny chin,
Closing her eyes,
I think she is dreamin,

What i wonder,
I may never know,
But i am living my dream here,
Seeing my baby sleep,

Softly she breathes,
Brusing few strands of her hair,
I wish I could kiss,
Her lovely forehead,

I wanna be her pillow,
On my thighs she would rest,
Caress her hair,
Reassuring her of no fear,

Her face is bright in this dim light,
I see her beauty,
Damn I wish i could touch her,
In one of the coldest nights,

I wanna hug her warm,
So she can sleep at peace,
I love her charm,
Pressure to hold my love would ease,

She is beautiful,
She is gonna be mine,
I would remain forever faithful,
Today and every time,

Sun has risen from the west

Sun for a change,
Rising from the west,
I think I am mad,
I wanna test,

I jumped up from bed,
Looked into the west,
I left for the shore,
Through my inner door,

I am seeing from far,
Guided by the evening star,
Makes me even more mad,
I am getting eager more,

I realized,
It is the sunset,
Immortal dreams,
It is still a change,

My life has changed,
All the problems glore,
As the sun sets,

And the twinkling stars,
Call me close,
To sit up above the world,
And watch stars on earth,

For I have risen,
The Real Sun…

Inspired by the night life and those who work in shifts.. And it includes me 😛

I feel this the best poem I have ever written about my own self. From being a laughing stock, an easy prey and an idiot to what I am today, I have come a long way and I still have a very long way to go. This poem depicts the change in me that has happened in the last 8 years. For all those who have been part of my journey, I wanna thank you all for making this happen.

Is that I need a lovely spark?

Chimes away and lights so dark,
Is this the way I should draw the arc,
Wandering lonely in a empty park,
Is that I need a lovely spark?

Trees blush as the breeze make a pass,
Seeing the roses that are best of the mass,
As I leave the gate that’s color of brass
Still many memories I can amass,

Flowers by the Path
Flowers by the Path

My memories keep me back at the park,
Of what I saw in the dark,
Of the chirping birds on their mark,
Waiting in wings just to embark,

Life comes to a standstill,
The breeze makes me feels the chill,
I want to go back and have my fill,
Sit with a book and my quill…

I wonder, is it my lovely spark?

All I need is to shine and sparkle,
Whatever is thrown at me, just buckle,
I don’t need to behave so fickle,
Sit calm and watch the stars twinkle…

A small poem about how to enjoy every moment of your life, lest you miss them and only have memories… btw, its original and written by me 😛

Life is Cool

Life is Cool,
Nature’s way,
Sight is good,
Never Away,

The beauty of thee,
I can never ever be,
So uninspired,
Of the views of the nature’s life

When the rains strike,
With the clouds so dark,
Tearing apart,
The sun Shines

Its amazing to see,
The colors of heaven,
The mighty rainbow,
Touching so low,

Never can I ever be,
So unsurprising,
Nature’s way of things such,
Always strike me with a smile…

Rainbow - copyrights reserved by Hemal Shah
Rainbow - copyrights reserved by Hemal Shah

Info update: This pic is taken via my E63, hence not pretty clear. The Rainbow arc was fully visible. I took this pic while I was  travelling on the Mumbai Local train. The Rainbow was not strong, however it was a full arc.

BlackSea @ Dombivali Station

Its not an unusual scene, to be seen in the crowd,
But to see the crowd may be so unusual.

It is at Dombivali Station, I board the train
Traveling to go to work, only to get a sprain.

Its the same scene every day,
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

When you alight from the FOB,
What you see is black sea.

The Black sea does not have any water,
But a few many people standing taller.

Which shows how young are the travellers,
The youth of the India going to work.

You cannot see the floor of the platform,
That’s the speciality of Dombivali Station…


This poem does not sound like a poem but this is what I feel when I get down from the FOB at Dombivali Station to get to work every day.