Mud Slunging; Congress takes the credit

I saw an advert in HT yesterday. And it was funny. It read “we thank the Democratic Front Government for not allowing price increase in electricity rates.” Now this is what I call a hit back with a bigger punch. Two weeks ago, Shiv Sena hit the roads protesting this move while MNS was busy with water issue. Its funny! Why do you need to thank the government on something that they are supposed to make sure it never happened at first place.

Finger Prints? Sorry, excuse me!

Now your friendly neighborhood cyber cafe wala will ask you to give your finger print before you can sit on the machine and start browsing. That is if Mumbai Police had its way.

Mumbai police recently had proposed that we should make it mandatory for everyone who is visiting a Cyber Cafe to have their finger print submitted. This recommendation has come up after series of cyber crime that is happening out of these cyber cafes.

Will you be comfortable with that? I guess no. Not for me. If I ever wanted to access internet over the public domain, I would not do so just because I have to share my finger print. I would rather go to a friend’s place or reach home to have my internet connected.

What this move will do is to close the cyber cafes and a boom for ISPs and Computer dealers in these gloom times. People will prefer to spend money and use it for a net connection rather have their finger prints scanned.

What is the guarantee that this will be foolproof? People can also steal my finger print! Why the hell should I leave my identity at risk?

The War of Boards

As you might know, there are various types of Boards which your school and colleges might be affiliated to. So when Maharashtra Government decided to put a Quota for SSC students who come from State Boards, it was pretty much obvious that the parents of students who studied in CBSE and ICSE are now knocking the court room doors. The swap ratio is not acceptable which as of now stands at 90:10. Funny as it might sound, but those students who belong to CBSE and ICSE who had scored 90% looking for decent college seats may not bag them at all.

From one point of view, this is also the right thing to do. Why not CBSE and ICSE have their own 11th and 12th? Though students who belong to these Boards are not much in numbers, they always end up taking the creamy seats and some others. That leads to a blank hole for the colleges by some thousands in numbers.

State board students are 2.7 lacks. Now that is where it sounds problematic. State Boards students are no less than CBSE, but these students pass through a good bad time, starting from the schools to examination and invigilating officers may put scores to their mood.

I accept this change! Hope this brings in more challenges.

Evening @ Summer Funk

I got hold of a pass for the Summer Funk, the dance show by students of Shiamak’s Dance Academy. And it did cost me a good 300 bucks, but was worth it. It was really awesome.

This dance show is organized so that students can get their taste of a stage show after learning the dance for the first time, and for the old timers it gives more experience. There are different categories under which performances were sorted and the one liked the most was the dance done by Victory Arts Foundation which is not – for – profit academy which teaches dance to those who are physically disabled.

When I saw deaf people dancing, I was taken aback. How in the world do they do it? And such coordination of steps left my mouth opened for minutes!  Though I had visited Summer Funk last year as well, this time it was different. It was 15th anniversary of Summer Funk and Shiamak himself was there.

Some funny events also did happen. Barclays had organized a lucky draw where two set of DVDs were to be awared and the winners choosen in the lucky draw were two Mehtas from the same family. ¬†One mom, other was her child. The other prize went to Poonam Davar, Shiamak’s mom. She herself then nominated another women to be chosen as the lucky one than herself.

All in all, it was a great evening.

Its really disturbing; are anti-social elements creeping up

Let me put the pic right here. Its disburbing, and is against law. Law of the land and the law of human being. Its a message that is spreading hatered and I strongly oppose it. Shortly after this post, I am going to share this picture with most of the leading media channels and newspapers and hope we can start the movement here.

Reader Discretion Advised

Open hated messages in Train
Open hated messages in Train

I was shocked to see a message like this! It is usual to find graffiti on the Mumbai local train. I boarded the Kalyan fast from Byculla at 8.37 pm when I was on the way to my home. Unfortunately I was not carrying my deo, with which I would have removed this otherwise.

I am used to see some of graffiti on the inside of locals and those generally are of funny nature where friends write their names, sometimes their crushes or lovers names often. At times, it evens goes to an extent of giving numbers of call girls and boys! I ignore them since these are not those that hurt me bad.

But this one was different, it was disturbing and it was painfull. Who would have this kind off problem with Sonia Gandhi and Muslims? What wrong did they do? Is not India a free, democratic country for anybody having the right to follow their own religion?

It was done by someone who was saddened by the victory of Congress in the General Elections, 2009! Is some one really inspired by what Varun Gandhi said??? That is why he have been booked, but that is done more harm than good. Isnt it?

Why are these brothers of ours against us living peacefully in our own country? Without any differences in caste and creed, there are a lot of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikh, Jains, Buddhists and others who take these trains everyday which gives India and its very financial capital with their man hours!

Why do you want to create a stirr again. Mumbai has left everything behind and has always looked forward to what the future beholds.

I would request one and all and specifically those who travel in these locals, do not go by them. If you can use a bit of your deodrant what you carry everyday to just remove these horrible message with a peice of rough paper, we can remove these messages. Deodrants work!

Make it clean, in the trains and our lives. Let’s pledge!