Why Vote and how should we inspire our youth to vote?

I have been very vocal about Voting Rights and India’s General Elections in 2014 – whether or not to vote is a choice and there is no way you should force voters to vote. But many do not vote because they do not feel so, and reasons could vary from long queues at polling booths to non-trustworthy candidate to a missing Election Card. I have not voted for anyone till date, and my reasons are the last two.

However, I would still go on and rant about bad roads and unhygienic places, to lack of tickets in a train to shady business going around. Many I spoke to would come back to me and say, well “when you never put your vote, you do not have rights to crib about things“. My response to them has been – “you did vote, that didn’t change much, right”?

Personally, it is important to me to have a very strong leader to look up to. In today’s world, we hardly are able to see one and if we see them, worry if the power would change them. The point is, we would want a leader who would run the constituency with as much honesty as possible.

“When you never put your vote, you do not have rights to crib about things”. My response to them has been – “You did vote, that didn’t change much, right”?


airtel advertisements scores again…

It’s after a long time I am writing about Advertisement reviews. Airtel has come up with another set of awesome advertisements. The last time they had released their re-branding campaign with an Airtel Endless goodbye advert which launched its 3G video calling services.

This time around, they have managed to touch the emotional chord again, with four new adverts. And it is targeting Facebook users, Music Lovers, Devotional people and Business people with Email advert covering more than 90% of the users. The new marketing tag line is Songs, Facebook, Email and Devotional songs for one Rupee, Friendship Free!

Catch lines in these adverts.. check the emotion running behind..

The Seconds Effect! Will Tata DoCoMo change market Dynamics

If you are a Mumbaikar, you will remember this. BPL (now Loop) Mumbai had launched an aggressive campaign which reduced customers bill by almost 30%. That was called One Second Billing.

Tata's GSM service
Tata Docomo's Logo is pretty interesting and its keeping in line with Tata Indicom logo's circles.

Tata DoCoMo is the GSM based telecommunications service of Tata Indicom in partnership with Japan’s leading mobile operator, NTT DoCoMo. They have a Pan – India licence and are already live with 5 circles, covering Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. With interesting banners shouting “Why pay for unused?” and “One paisa across India”, you would be keen to know what are the charges and how do you save huge cost in your monthly bill. (more…)