What is on business?

It has been ages since I wrote about the Indian Business or my interests in the world of business in general, but after going through a lot of the news lately I was reminded of my days when I used to write about them.

Pininfarina makes an interesting buy for Mahindra

It started with a startling news that Mahindra may be looking for a stake buy in Pininfarina, the Italian design house for cars. The Aviation to Scooter company is making great strides into picking up key properties across the world, including the recently acquired scooter business from Peugeot. SsangYong is already turning out to be a good addition in terms of sales and Mahindra actually has been able to make them sensible to outside world. Buying this iconic designer will be a shot in its arm, and Mahindra can apply the talent across its businesses.

Logo similarities… Force Motors and Fresh One Productions

Interesting things happen when you least expect it. And this time, it was while watching TV. As some of my blog readers already know, it’s no secret that I have a craze for watching Infotainment channels. And while watching the end of program on TLC (Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals) I found a rather interesting thing in the credits.

A Force Motors Logo?

The logo of Fresh One Productions. The immediate link-up I had made was if the logo was as same as that of Force Motor’s 2005 Logo revision. It appeared to be the same as Force Motors at first look. My immediate reaction was to check the web and confirm my doubts.

Mahindra Verito coming your way

Mahindra launched the much anticipated their own version of Renault Logan that company produced in a JV with the French company. What this means is a better version suited for Indian conditions. The chassis and engine remains the same however there are a few cosmetic changes on the exterior and interior. Remember that Mahindra has experience in re-badging other products and selling across India, most notable is the Jeep design.

As it was published earlier, Mahindra had disagreements with the French company about the cars characteristics which the French company refused to change which led to the break up. Mahindra also had a bad experience with Ford, when the later in partnership with Mahindra launced the Escort in India.

Logan Verito
Logan Verito

Now equipped with several rugged and sporty styling elements, the car looks a bit different and sporty. The time bound Logan features will remain.

Mahindra Press release states that:

On the performance front, the Verito retains all the strengths of the Logan. The new Verito offers the sameRenault drive train with the option of a 1.5 DCi CRDi diesel engine or 1.4 MPFI petrol engine. Equipped withthis, the Verito offers an amazing 21.03 KMPL fuel efficiency (diesel mileage as per ARAI). The Verito remainsthe broadest car in its segment, offering unmatched cabin space. It also boasts of a spacious seating capacityand a boot space which is one of the largest, with 510 litre capacity

The competition might just hot up when Tata launches their Indigo CS with their 25kmpl C4 engine. Lets hope the Logan gets its due, at least its Indian version.

Mahindra & Mahindra acquires Ssangyong Motor Co

It was reported that Mahindra is all set to buy the troubled South Korean automaker Ssangyong Motor Company. In the process, they beat 5 other bidders including Renault and Ruia Group of India.

This comes as a major acquisition since it is for sure going to fuel the growth of Mahindra in global markets where the company is trying hard to make its presence felt. What would be exiting enough for Indian markets would be the cars and the technology that Ssangyong brings in and how Mahindra are able to incorporate the same under their portfolio. Given that they already have technologically advanced with Mirco Hybrids and now Reva’s Electric technology, they are the hidden tigers at present who are all set to prowl in a year or two with brilliant products.

Ssangyong is good products in the SUV area though it only has a 2% overall market share in Korean market. This is where M&M finds solace with Ssangyong. The design language too can be an inspiration for future M&M cars. Its high time we saw a new Scorpio. Common guys, give us something more awe-inspiring stuff. (more…)