What is on business?

It has been ages since I wrote about the Indian Business or my interests in the world of business in general, but after going through a lot of the news lately I was reminded of my days when I used to write about them.

Pininfarina makes an interesting buy for Mahindra

It started with a startling news that Mahindra may be looking for a stake buy in Pininfarina, the Italian design house for cars. The Aviation to Scooter company is making great strides into picking up key properties across the world, including the recently acquired scooter business from Peugeot. SsangYong is already turning out to be a good addition in terms of sales and Mahindra actually has been able to make them sensible to outside world. Buying this iconic designer will be a shot in its arm, and Mahindra can apply the talent across its businesses.

Religious Clashes – Why do we need them at first place?

If you had a chance to read my post on The Great Indian Elections of 2014, there is something I had already said but did not anticipate it any time soon. Yes I am talking about the recent Communal clashes at Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh.

For once, there is no clarity on what caused the riots – with numerous stories doing rounds on social networks. And I have seen a few of my friends on Facebook starting to post messages – things that say or give more importance of Hindutva or Hindu Nationalism. I choose to ignore those messages, however many others may not.

Following these clashes, an announcement by BJP led me to write on this. BJP announced that they will send Modi to Muzaffarnagar too.  (more…)

That Rape thing is not good… Media banks on a story yet again!

It is another gang rape, this time in Mumbai. We have been unable to wake up even after 16th December tragedy with Damini. The recent news of gang rape in Mumbai struck me like a bolt, that too in an area like Lower Parel at 6.30 PM in the evening.

The place was secluded, the property belonging to erstwhile Shakti Mills, and no one could hear her screams. Why in the world are we even trying them. At best, the rapists should be hanged and made an example for others – do it and you meet the similar fate.

I think a lot of this has been said in the news channels, papers, internet and almost everywhere and was deciding against writing one, though my heart and prayers go out to the victim and her family.

The reason I why was forced to write about was the claim made by Hindustan Times in today’s Mumbai edition. Even though the Police never said that the accused had raped many other women before, the paper went ahead and added that the accused have raped four other women (rag-pickers).

The Great Indian Elections of 2014

Coming soon is the great Indian Elections in year of 2014. So many of us have openly shared jokes and puns on the Congress and how their rule affected all of us for last 10 years. Many of us are seeing Modi as an icon who will help change all of that like magic.

I am of the opine that things will not change drastically, at least not in next 3 years. As such, the country has lost their faith in political rule and only hoping that someone would change this. Modi being the hope actually.

He has his troubled past, the 2002 riots behind him. The Party behind him has its ups and downs recently, and does not possess its own strength to rein the votes to Prime Minister-ship. It remains to be seen how strong it gets before the elections. (more…)