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The Himalayan Tribe: Morbe Dam Off Road Video now live

I have uploaded a new video on my Indianomics channel on Youtube. Three fellow THTians (The Himalayan Tribe’s men) went for a off-road ride to Morbe Dam. Morbe Dam is a gravity dam on the Dhavari river near Khalapur, Raigad district. They came back with a few videos.

I loved the ones where they create a dust-burnout and decided to create a video! Turns out, they had a few more pictures and I used them. A learning from making the video is to ensure to obtain landscape video shots. My friends shot many a video in portrait mode. Not all videos make for a fit on a video which is almost always in a landscape mode. (more…)

RE THT Service Camp

RE Service Camp with The Himalayan Tribe

THT has been my man-Friday for anything related to my Yeti, the Himalayan. Two weeks ago, THT and Royal Enfield met up at Borivali Service Center for a training camp. Unfortunately I missed that.  During the question answer session, the discussion turned to issues everyone faces.

Yeti about to be stripped down
Yeti about to be stripped down

Taking a stone from the rock solid guys who were there, RE worked out details and collaborated with THT for a service camp. The date was 5th of Feb, 2017. And I had my clock (more…)

Yeti with Pillion, pictures for the Trip Trailer and Trip Movie

Trip Trailer launched of our recent breakfast ride

I am happy to share with you the launch of our Trip Trailer, which will be followed by a short movie. Of course this sounds like we are into serious business, but trust me we are not! It is just a fun trip trailer and a fun trip movie created just to feel different.

Okay, so I was writing a post about lack of an opportunity to do a weekend or a breakfast trip. It is in the drafts. Thankfully, I do not have to post it now! ­čÖé

So it all happened in a jiffy and a ride on Saturday morning was planned to Igatpuri. While we were sure we could make that trip, what we hoped is if we could extend the trip to Bhandardhara. It is a very scenic place near the village of Shendi and also home to the highest peak in Maharashtra (more…)

RE Himalayan, riding on Old Mumbai Pune highway

A breakfast ride to Lonavala – first ride for Yeti

So this Breakfast Ride happened with no real plan in place. All of those times when we planned, it never worked out. Ironic, I know. I also know what you are thinking – asia hi hota hai hamesha (it happens always)! My good friends from my workplace, Vishnu and Karan just randomly called me up for an idea they wanted to go through with me to check viability.

And so after that discussion, we just said to each other – lets go for a (more…)