All new Chrome tab with Google Search integrated, and how it benefits Google?

Google released an all new version of Chrome which includes major changes on the tab design and interface for Chrome Apps. The new change also brings Google Doodles for that country ( doodle for India) to tab and you do not have to open the site to see.

With Ominibar, a lot of people (like me) missed the Doodle since they hardly access the search engine’s home page. This may be a good way to force them to see the Google Doodle. At the same time, I know people who do not use Ominibar for search. For them, a visit to or is a must. (more…)

Blackout is the online Satyagraha

With news breaking out that one of Indian websites have been taken down due to the government censorship is exactly when the news started getting heating up in the western world. The two new legislations / regulation that are in the process of getting approved in the US Senate are now under fire from major US based websites.

Google Doodle Blackout
Google Doodle Blackout

Wikipedia announced that their English website (which contains close to 4 million pages) would be blacked out for entire 24 hours. Two new regulations, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (PROTECT IP Act) have stirred the hornet’s nest. Major companies including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, eBay, AOL have already protested against the bills, while online communities like Wikipedia, Reddit, Boing Boing and several others have announced their plans to back out access to their websites for 24 hours.

SOPA is being proposed to protect interests of the entertainment industry in general, which face a huge loss of revenue due to piracy. I would say, if they would start earning more money because of this bill, a poor artist could finally buy his third Ferrari and fifth Lamborghini. After all, it is what they are worth for. Sarcasm apart, yes artist do need to own rights to their creations and no one should infringe upon the same.

Wikipedia Black out page
Wikipedia Black out page

The striking thing is, however, enabling this law will give governments more control over the content that a person access from his home. If government feels that a particular site violates a certain rule, it can easily be stopped from being accessed. Since there are no clearly defined limitations, it would be very easy for anyone to request a takedown of a website. And that website’s fault could just be that its content irked some government official or a political party.

Using which Keywords people reach my blog?

Hey folks,

I found very interesting information via Google Analytics. For one, I am surprised that this blog is being searched on Google for Lovers place in Mumbai and less of others. 😛

Very funny it may sound, but the top searched post on my blog is A Place for Lovers in Mumbai. The following Statistics of Top Keywords that were searched and landed on my blog.

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The Google Power: Mapping the Consumption, suggesting saving

Wow, that it now finally has happened is really a good news. Google’s non-profit arm, now has announced that it, along with Power utility companies now will put an online power consumption report that will tell consumers their power usage, and ways to save power in an initiative that helps in reducing the Carbon Foot Print.

Compete with Neighbours and Friends?

That sounds really interesting. Yea, now you can strike up a little competition with your neighbour to win a friendly race in saving power or to put it google way, using your power efficiently. (more…)

Google’s New: Google SMS 9773300000 (for India)

Google has launched an yet another first in India. Search via SMS.

In a first of its kind service, this 10 Digit number does not fall under the “Special Numbers” category which enables the mobile service provider to change you anything between 3 to 10 Rupees of your hard earned money. Now, if you need to do some searching, then use this service.

I costs you the same cost as your normal SMS. Also, if you have a free SMS Pack, you not even need to worry about cost et all.

The most commonly used “Cricket Score” is now available from Google for a cheaper rate. This surely will eat into the mobile service provider’s earnings who have been banking on Value added services to cover the costs elsewhere. 

A complete list of services are available at Google’s website.

The Airtels and the Vodafones of India may cry foul on this just because this may eat into their earnings. I think at the end of the day, it is the customers who will benefit from this service. We would all do the best to promote this service.