Preview: Formula1 in 2017, drivers and owners

Formula1 has been my interest since 2004, the year when Michael Schumacher reigned in his 6th title. He was an ambassador for sport, with his 6 titles and going strong. It was a year when I did not read through much of what the formula was, and how deep the details were.

Access to information related to Formula1 was scarce at that time, but not today. I have been a regular reader after that, reading F1 news and blogs that I know a lot today. I am still not a expert, (more…)

Sebasitan Vettel, GER, Scuderia Ferrari, Mexico GP, Race day

F1 Controversy: The Sebastian Vettel rant and why

Sebastian Vettel, the four times F1 World Champion, the German driving a Ferrari, gave out a rant to Max Verstappen, the hottest talent on the grid. It of course has to be a news. A click bait, if you will.

Call it a professional sport and denounce Vettel for the rant and offensive abuses he used. But truth be told, no other sport is devoid of it. Just because F1 allows you to read/listen (more…)

Stepped nose cone spoils the lookers!

After the recent announcements about the car launches at Jerez, the new design of the Formula 1 car that I saw didnt force me to make a Wow! epression. Further, the formula1 cars started looking ugly. Except for the McLaren’s MP4-27, almost all cars started to look ugly. More so our own Force India F1 (do you really want me to call them Sahara Force India F1???) with heavily revised side pods. They are appearing prudent. This is the first year I ever went this detailed into the look and feel of the car but this year, the lookers have turned ugly.

McLaren’s car is the best looker among all 2012 cars that have been released so far. Its far more identical to its predecessor, albeit the nose is placed lower lot to comply with this years regulations. “This is a beautiful car,” commented Button. “Many of them that you will see will not be!”. Well I could not agree more Jenson, but F1 cars are not build to look good anyways, right? Which brings me to the question about the performance difference the McLaren car may have as compared to others on the grid. On the first day at Jerez, Lotus topped the charts with Kimi showing no sign of rust after a gap of two years away from Formula1, followed closely by Paul di Resta for Force India. McLaren were placed a distant 8th.

The other car everyone was keen to know how it comes up was the RB8. The Red Bull challenger with the magical touch of Adrian Newly has its stakes held up higher as they are preparing to defent their title they hard earned last year?

Unofficial Tuesday test times from Jerez:

1. Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus, 1:19.670, 73 Laps
2. Paul di Resta, Force India, 1:19.772, 101 Laps
3. Nico Rosberg, Mercedes, 1:20.219, 56 Laps
4. Mark Webber, Red Bull, 1:20.496, 53 Laps
5. Daniel Ricciardo, Toro Rosso, 1:20.694, 57 Laps
6. Michael Schumacher, Mercedes, 1:20.794, 41 Laps
7. Kamui Kobayashi, Sauber, 1:21.353, 106 Laps
8. Jenson Button, McLaren, 1:21.530, 60 Laps
9. Felipe Massa, Ferrari, 1:22.815, 69 Laps
10. Heikki Kovalainen, Caterham, 1:23.178, 28 Laps
11. Pastor Maldonado, Williams, 1:23.371, 25 Laps
12. Pedro de la Rosa, HRT, 1:23.676, 44 Laps

Unofficial times as quoted from the Formula1.comwebsite.{EAV:233f5cc7c5e94067}

Fisi to race with Ferrari

Last week’s hero for Force India F1 team will now be racing for the Italian team, Ferrari. This move comes after the team removed Lucas following a dismal performance. Fisi, who has years of experience is also an Italian. For every F1 driver, driving behind the wheels of a Ferrari is a dream and Dr. Vijay Mallya has not stayed in the way for the Italian’s career. Fisi will race for rest for the races behind the Ferrari and will also have a reserve seat for next year. Is Ferrari also keeping its options open should Massa take time in his recovery.

Micheal is Back!

Following the dreadfull accident of Filepe Massa last weekend, and no possibility of him returning to race this reason, Ferrari were left with no credible option than to approach the 7 time world champion to race for them. This is a great news since I always believed that Micheal left Formula1 business unfinished, especially since his last race where he finished his race with a punctured tire. Hope he gets atleast some podiums this season and a win will be like icing on the cake.