The Curious Case of Delhi

Delhi is being hailed by many as the experimental capital for politics. And I sort off agree.

AAP is poised to have a strong season this time around and may even be successful enough to grab their first majority in their three elections they fought. They are showing the way of fighting elections that majority of parties have not done so far. With their limited budget they have been able to turn things around unlike BJP which has unlimited budget so to speak.

They also have upgraded themselves, no more stupidity and appear to be much more like a political party. Their experience with contesting two elections reaping them great rewards it seems. And my guess is that this will catch up in other urban areas as well. On the face of it, I am not supporting either of parties but I love seeing the underdog winning at times. 🙂

Religious Clashes – Why do we need them at first place?

If you had a chance to read my post on The Great Indian Elections of 2014, there is something I had already said but did not anticipate it any time soon. Yes I am talking about the recent Communal clashes at Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh.

For once, there is no clarity on what caused the riots – with numerous stories doing rounds on social networks. And I have seen a few of my friends on Facebook starting to post messages – things that say or give more importance of Hindutva or Hindu Nationalism. I choose to ignore those messages, however many others may not.

Following these clashes, an announcement by BJP led me to write on this. BJP announced that they will send Modi to Muzaffarnagar too.  (more…)

The Great Indian Elections of 2014

Coming soon is the great Indian Elections in year of 2014. So many of us have openly shared jokes and puns on the Congress and how their rule affected all of us for last 10 years. Many of us are seeing Modi as an icon who will help change all of that like magic.

I am of the opine that things will not change drastically, at least not in next 3 years. As such, the country has lost their faith in political rule and only hoping that someone would change this. Modi being the hope actually.

He has his troubled past, the 2002 riots behind him. The Party behind him has its ups and downs recently, and does not possess its own strength to rein the votes to Prime Minister-ship. It remains to be seen how strong it gets before the elections. (more…)

Now the Bulls will roar – Sensex Outlook after elections

Now that every one knows what happened yesterday all of you people will be guessing what will happen to Sensex, the benchmark index. If you do not know; the Great Indian Elections that were held in four phases last month where the United Progressive Alliance, led by Congress won with majority defeating BJP and others who posed a threat on them.

Given that Dalal street has a soft corner for Congress and vice – versa, the Sensex will gain more. From my earlier prediction, I said that Sensex will gain up to 15,000 levels by the end of the June. However looking at the volatility in the market, I will revise it to a more modest 13,800 levels. But I would also like to maintain that Sensex may cross the 14,200 mark and may even go up to 15,000 levels.

Are Indian Elections a Slug Fest?

When elections come near, the whole country’s news channels start broadcasting the SlugFestival of 2009!

L. K. Advani of , Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi, Arun Jaitely and almost all of important leaders of the polical parties in India were exchanging ire in a bid to voo voters to vote. While some of these are famous, some were relatively unknown till now. Few high points have been the Weak PM remark BJP’s Advani, the Shoe Gate, Kandhar Hijack on Advani and BJP by Congress (INC) etc…

As Soumyarka Gupta (wrote in DNA, Mumbai today) put it “It’s been five years and the circus is back in town”

You can see it in full force with all bells and whistles blowing hard and long. Its only during these elections that you find new friends and foes. People from your own party turn foes when they don’t get a ticket. Even if you are the brother of ex chief minister of Bihar. And the rivals are just waiting to offer you a ticket.

How much of these ever do succeed? I wish I had the answer.

A Change!

My Foot. Every body is saying that we will give you a change that you need. Every one is promising that they can.

If they could have, why not do it when they had the power. Neither the parties are clean, nor their candidates. Why do you allow a criminal to fight elections? And those who have clean records are not entertained. The guy who is contesting elections have never visited our locality (is what i have known). I did get a letter which was delivered by a “Karyakarta” on his behalf. But there was no one who could listen to what I wished to say. I had went to the offices of the two parties which are in our locality only to find that there is no one around. Every one is busy with some work or attending the promotion meet.

Most of the constituencies still witness chores of complaints from Voters who do not figure in the list. The government appointed nominess do not speed up the process of validatating the electroll list and including those who have been missed out. While they are not delibrately doing it, but they are delibrately lazy.

Hope you guys go and vote for the Indian Elections and excersise your franchise (who ever can).  Vote for the sake of next five years.