Magzter: Why no Windows app yet?

For those who love the Windows Phone and Windows 8/10, getting the right apps has always been a challenge – thanks in part to Google, who refused to budge. This includes many famous services like Snapchat, Quora etc., who have so far not divulged into the Windows ecosystem yet. So far as Snapchat CEO stating they will never develop for Windows.

The Facebook and Instagram (MSFT has stake in both of them via 26 million shares in FB) apps are not as slick as the ones found on Google and Apple. That bit may not go well with a lot, but the apps at least are very usable.

Well, this rant is directed towards Magzter. I have been a customer of Magzter since long, even upgraded to their Gold Membership. It is a compelling product. My primary reading device is a 4 year old iPad 2 which has been in a great shape. I do like Apple, but not as much as my Windows Phone and PC. The Metro UI got me hooked, and Google’s pathetic attitude of late (being the Evil, Microsoft once was) made me a hater. Buying into a Samsung Galaxy Note I with Android on top was the last nail in the coffin, with this acquisition lasting only 6 months for a flagship.

Everyone knows Android sucks on devices with less than 3GB RAM and an top processor but still would cling on to it – it is too difficult to explain my love for Windows too, so lets leave it at that.

I do understand the semantics of having multiple platform support, including that of the costs – but there are so many developers who are ready to help for 1/4 of the cost it would otherwise take Magzter to build an app at first place. So why not? You will have at least 3% more people to tap into and based on what we have seen, Windows 10’s adoption rate has been pretty good – so the universal app way should get the overall market share for Windows go up as well.

So, hopes are intact for now. Just sent them another email, checking if they are indeed developing something for Windows 10. This story will be updated based on their response.

What is Microsoft doing right, and wrong for Windows Phone?

Well to those who know me, I am an Windows Phone fan, so much so that my entire family now has windows phone (I bought them). But off late, I am unhappy about a few things that I need to voice it out.

Windows Phone 8 showed immense promise to the world, with its Metro UI and 8.1 just enhanced it. But since then, Microsoft has been pretty much playing catch up with iOS and Google’s Android. Last it was known, Android had pretty much of 80% market share which is rather impressive if you also know that it is the newest software platform here. iOS, when launched, was based on Mac OS X and Microsoft always made its mobile OS and had often positioned it as the Business Phone. But Microsoft being the most experienced has had not been able to transform it all to this new OS.

The Apps of the Ecosystem (more…)

App Review: inTube – watch Indian movies for free on an App

Pariksha Labs approached me to review their latest App in the market, and write about it on my blog. My first reaction was, while I have not been doing App Reviews on my blog, today’s smartphones are nothing without an App. So it made some sense then to add a new category under Reviews.

So what is so great about this new App huh!

inTube is a very simple, but highly effective app for its purpose. We all, at some point in time, have watched Movie Trailers and sometimes even Full Length movies on YouTube, thanks to large number of distributors cashing in digital media to increase reach and make access to Entertainment easier.

However this exponential growth is lucrative for peeves too. They upload a different movie (one which is very less popular) video with a latest movie name to decisive users. This has happened to me many a times. Some times they upload the movie in parts split by 10 to 30 mins. This is a nuisance to the overall enjoyment of watching a movie.

inTube is set to change that. And how!