GER: Gesichter der Lufthansa, Gesichter der Welt, Uniformen, Menschen, Kommunikation. Frankfurt, den 2.07.2013 | ENG: Faces of Lufthansa, faces of the world, uniforms, people, communication. Frankfurt, 2.07.2013

Unsuspectingly Indian, Lufthansa creates new emotions

I don’t know how many of you remember ModiLuft? It was an India airline started in 1993 in collaboration with Lufthansa, after the relaxation of economic policies by the government lead by PV Narasimha Rao. The airline ceased operations in 1996 after relationship turned sour between Lufthansa and S. K. Modi, the Indian promoter.

ModiLuft Boeing 737-200 Martin
ModiLuft Boeing 737-200 Martin. ModiLuft used a similar livery as Lufthansa

ModiLuft was the only airline in India to fly three classes in domestic network using the then advanced Boeing 737. It soon became a darling of travelers for its on-time performance. Thanks to Lufthansa Technik, the ground handling arm of Lufthansa. ModiLuft’s license was used to create what is now SpiceJet, and apart from that there is nothing in common between them. So why did I bring in this history? (more…)

airtel advertisements scores again…

It’s after a long time I am writing about Advertisement reviews. Airtel has come up with another set of awesome advertisements. The last time they had released their re-branding campaign with an Airtel Endless goodbye advert which launched its 3G video calling services.

This time around, they have managed to touch the emotional chord again, with four new adverts. And it is targeting Facebook users, Music Lovers, Devotional people and Business people with Email advert covering more than 90% of the users. The new marketing tag line is Songs, Facebook, Email and Devotional songs for one Rupee, Friendship Free!

Catch lines in these adverts.. check the emotion running behind..

Tata Indica Adverts misleading

This is something I would have least expected from Tata Motors. Misleading customers.

If you carefully look at the image attached in the bigger font, they have written “Petrol Prices making you take the train?” and says out loud that at 25 kmpl, the Indica eV2 shown on the left is India’s most fuel efficient car.

When you closely look at the fine print at the bottom, its written that “ARAI Certified fuel efficiency of 25kmpl for the CR4 diesel engine“. If the Fuel Efficiency is 25kmpl for a Diesel engine, then why blare out and talk about Petrol?

Tata Motors campaign at Vashi station
Tata Motors campaign at Vashi station

This is nothing but a drive to make people think and go to Tata Motors. They should correct this at the earliest and make the amendments.

Bernie Ecclestone does an ad-vantage

F1 superemo, 80 years old Bernie Ecclestone is a man you hardly can associate with failure. On 25 November, Bernie had been attacked by a group of unknown strangers last month outside his offices in Knightsbridge, as thieves made off with his personal belongings including Jewellery after bruising him badly – including his £11,000 Hublot watch.

Instead of being shy and feeling embarrassed, the advent business man that he is, he immediately called up CEO of Hublot and shared his picture with a bruised eye and under lip with an idea for an advertisement, with a caption – “see what people will do for a Hublot”. Both with an equal sense of humor agreed to it as a brilliant PR opportunity, then came up the advertisement which showed up (un-edited) in the local newspapers yesterday.


Airtel Ad: Timeless Goodbye

I liked this ad so much. The new Airtel ad where the boy or the girl tells goodbye to each other but keep meeting each other within a fraction of a second. What I really like about this is to show the importance of relationships that are hard to part with. If there are any fans of this ad, post a comment on how you feel about this ad. Two television commercials are created by the agency JWT, the brand’s creative partner, are currently on-air. (more…)