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Why I quit The Himalayan Tribe Working Committee

Update: After I quit the accusations were still flying around, and some well wishers and naysayers informed me a few of them. Here are my clarifications.

  1. I am accused of lying – that I never told them web server space cost Rs. 15,000. Well to be honest, I lent THT the server space that I already owned and operated and I did not buy it specifically for THT. That is why I never told them there will be any cost to bear in the first year! If people cannot understand difference between lending and buying, I cannot help!
  2. I am still accused of my intent of making money from website – this time, conversely with the thought that I would have made money from the hosting space renewal that THT will be buying in the second year onwards. Here is an excerpt from the charter that I had created, where I was supposed to be signatory as well, but which was never signed for god knows what reason.


Responsible Blogging

I blog. I live. It is me. #ResponsibleBlogging

To talk about being responsible and put things in context, let me redirect you to one of my recent post on bomb blasts in Pakistan. It was horrible, but there was a particular behavior the caught my eye. Earlier this year and late last year, there were two other blasts that shook the world – in France and Belgium. It is a sad example, I know but one that teaches how selective we are. My Facebook timeline was flooded (Disclaimer: I did not do it on both occasions) with people updating their profile picture over-laced with the French and the Belgian flag.

But the same thing did not happen for the blasts that happened in Pakistan. Does that have to do with the frequency of blasts in Pakistan or the hatred that we carry for them? I also posted the article link on Facebook, earned absolute Zero likes and comment – may be the text I wrote there was probably in-your-face!

US Politics: Elect a President please

I have been reading a lot about the US Elections and about how Donald Trump is blowing his own trumpet to woo voters in his favor. That said, the method he has used sometimes are downright cheap and not fitting for someone who is contesting for the post of President of United States of America.

Donald Trump says that “I’m the most successful person to ever run for the presidency, by far.”

Well, I am no one to judge if Americans think he is the right candidate, but I would start questioning a majority of Americans and way of their thinking if at all Trump wins. Someone who has a net worth of $9 Billion, and not shy to praise himself, one has to think too hard to say this guy is running be a President of USA. His campaign team differs on his net worth by one, to count it a $10 Billion net worth instead.

“A total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what’s going on”


Air India to fly all women crew on March 8!

The flag carrier of India will be flying an all women crew this March 8 to celebrate Women’s day on a flight to San Francisco. This will include 4 pilots (2 each in 2 shifts for the unintended) and the whole cabin crew during the 15 hours Delhi-San Francisco. To top it and make it even more interesting, the flight dispatcher and flight engineer will also be women.

So if you are flying to SF on 8th of March, you are sure to support and celebrate Women’s day just by flying Air India. Yay, Celebrate women hood up at 35,000 Feet!

I was wondering if a similar treatment will be meted out during International Men’s Day. Well, chances are that it won’t ever happen. Now, I have written in the past how fliers constantly nag about Air India’s older flight stewardess/hostesses and there are such a negative notion that many carry. Though people ignore that they are much more experienced. However, have you ever heard any one complain an aging male crew? Is it because it never happens? I am not sure, almost all the flights I ever flew had both male and female crew.

The situation is what it is, and I cannot speak for everyone. But for me, it won’t matter if it is men or women who are flying or providing services in a flight as long as service are great and makes your journey comfortable and you get what you pay for. Air India remains my favorite (with patriotic bias stepping in)

What I think Air India or any other airline should do is – ensure you have an All Women Crew on at least 1 flight every day. That would help you celebrate women hood. Every. Freaking. Day.

Sudden buzz in Aviation Industry

I was planning for a week-long trip this November, and my plans started falling apart after I saw the airline ticket prices going up rapidly. The day (23rd Sept) I checked the fares, return tickets for two adults from BOM (Mumbai) to IXB (Bagdogara) via DEL (Delhi) travelling in November on  Air India (1 stop with the lowest layover time) costed Rs. 19,601. The fare for the same flight went up to Rs. 22,408  the very next day. On 3rd day, the fare again changed to Rs. 24,402. Today, the same flight tickets would cost me Rs.36,282.

Woot! That’s a rock solid increase of Rs. 16,681 in ticket fare in just 4 days for a flight trip planned almost 2 months in advance. I had to wait for my salary to come to book trip tickets for this huge amount, and it now does not make any sense. As you might assume, I backed off from booking the ticket. (more…)