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I blog. I live. It is me. #ResponsibleBlogging

To talk about being responsible and put things in context, let me redirect you to one of my recent post on bomb blasts in Pakistan. It was horrible, but there was a particular behavior the caught my eye. Earlier this year and late last year, there were two other blasts that shook the world – in France and Belgium. It is a sad example, I know but one that teaches how selective we are. My Facebook timeline was flooded (Disclaimer: I did not do it on both occasions) with people updating their profile picture over-laced with the French and the Belgian flag.

But the same thing did not happen for the blasts that happened in Pakistan. Does that have to do with the frequency of blasts in Pakistan or the hatred that we carry for them? I also posted the article link on Facebook, earned absolute Zero likes and comment – may be the text I wrote there was probably in-your-face!

10 not-so-common questions on home insurance policies

I have been thinking a lot about a home insurance policy and in the process, did a lot of research. Me and my wife recently got our first house and for all of us, our home is one of our precious assets that gives me the comfort and peace after a long tiring day at work. It is the place where you sink in and to think of the risks of anything happening to it is seriously worrying. You put in all your savings, risking a huge EMI from a Bank. EMI stands for Easy Monthly Installments, but is should be HMI – hardest monthly installment. 😀

PS: It is rather just coincidence that Vijay Mallya story doing rounds these days and I am writing this :P.

Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration.” Charles Dickens

So what can go wrong?

I for one, cannot forget the day of 26th of July, 2005. Apart from holding a very special place in my heart for a different reason, that day scared the heck out of me. Yes, it did. Natural calamities like such as an earthquake, and flood has time and again caused loss of life and property alike. The life comes to an abrupt halt whenever any natural calamity strikes and the destruction it brings with it leaves unbearable financial and emotional pain. You cannot rebuild a life that could not be saved, but you can rebuild your life.

You cannot rebuild a life that could not be saved, but you can rebuild your life


Why you must keep reading?

I was having a conversation with my team members about the impact of reading and was surprised that people had so limited view of what is in store for them. Blame it on them not having met me before :). Jokes apart, they never got anyone in their family or circle of friends tell them these things. It is another matter that they should feel it within them, but it never occurred to me before I started as well so can’t blame them.

I spoke to them about the tiny islands of Tokelu and Tuvalu from my list of must visit destinations before I die, and they were totally surprised such places even exist. Showed them what Aurora means, how fascinating it is and what causes it. However, I could not digest the fact that they did not even recollect the difference between nuclear fusion and fission they learned in schools. (more…)

India’s most innovative companies

When I saw this news, I was surprised at first and then when I read more about, I felt proud.

Two India’s youngest companies which made it big found their names into this prestigious list prepared by FastCompany. and Narayana Hrudayalaya.

“Narayana Hrudayalaya is Walmart meets Mother Teresa” is what FastCompany has to say about the hospital run by Doctor couple in India.

Read more in detail about Narayana Hrudayalaya on Fast Company’s website.

Organizing the scattered Bus travel industry in India takes to this list. A sorely missed alternative after success of IRCTC’s online railway reservation, managed to pull off what can be easily termed as a “mamoth’s task”.

Read more in detail about on Fast Company’s website.

Last year, another Indian company was featured by FastCompany was This is certainly a prospective proposition for other Indian comapnies to do things, differently.

Bless me – Earth!

A changing nature getting warm,
With heat, earth warns,
Dont abuse me, enough,
Dont greed for me, enough,

Depleating is my strength,
Can i not breathe and replish?
Each day my burden goes up,
Did u not touch a 7 billion?

Deep in the space,
I am alone, lonely,
Care for me,
Get this thing deep in your mind,

Each day i bleed,
Each day sky holes up,
For you still need me,
Cant you find someone like me, again,

I bless you, oh saint,
Dont whine if i cant take it,
Limitless and shameless,
Care for your future,

You ruin my shade,
I feel for you,
You wont be left with food,
What will you answer your baby?

Eat, am loving it!
Sleep, am at rest,
But dont itch me,
It pains,

Humble plea,
As much i need you,
Never will i betray,
Love me, you are my children,

ps: earth is asking u to be humble, pay heed to it.