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RE Service Camp with The Himalayan Tribe

THT has been my man-Friday for anything related to my Yeti, the Himalayan. Two weeks ago, THT and Royal Enfield met up at Borivali Service Center for a training camp. Unfortunately I missed that.  During the question answer session, the discussion turned to issues everyone faces.

Yeti about to be stripped down
Yeti about to be stripped down

Taking a stone from the rock solid guys who were there, RE worked out details and collaborated with THT for a service camp. The date was 5th of Feb, 2017. And I had my clock (more…)

Yeti, The conquerer.

Auto Headlamps On or AHO in India to go live in April 2017

Alright, if you are a friend on Facebook, then you might have seen some of my posts talking about Auto Headlamps on or AHO. Government of India had issued a notification to all the two-wheeler manufacturers or importers in India. According to the rule, AHO is mandatory from April 2017. KTM, and other big bikes already have implemented it.

In 2014, close 40,000 people died in two-wheeler accidents (source). This number is due to various issues including lack of safety gear (helmets) and driving carelessly. Either by the rider or another three or four wheeled vehicle. It is obvious that roads in India are not safe enough, and are way too (more…)

Hot Mumbai overheats during summer again!

Burn up the energy this summer, but don’t buy a cooler.

It is summer time again and Mumbai started to get heated up. Sun has not been among the kind to have treated us this way, unfortunately. I remember writing an article way back in about hot summer that year. And it is a post that has got more hits during summers every year.

Last Sunday, the heat reached at it’s peak this summer, with night being hot as well. It did came as a surprise since the nights have been colder comparatively. As 90% of the working class these days works in Air conditioned offices, it is but obvious that you will be relaxed during the day. With the addition of recently announced A/C train on the Central line, it would make the travel cozy as well.

10 not-so-common questions on home insurance policies

I have been thinking a lot about a home insurance policy and in the process, did a lot of research. Me and my wife recently got our first house and for all of us, our home is one of our precious assets that gives me the comfort and peace after a long tiring day at work. It is the place where you sink in and to think of the risks of anything happening to it is seriously worrying. You put in all your savings, risking a huge EMI from a Bank. EMI stands for Easy Monthly Installments, but is should be HMI – hardest monthly installment. 😀

PS: It is rather just coincidence that Vijay Mallya story doing rounds these days and I am writing this :P.

Home is a name, a word, it is a strong one; stronger than magician ever spoke, or spirit ever answered to, in the strongest conjuration.” Charles Dickens

So what can go wrong?

I for one, cannot forget the day of 26th of July, 2005. Apart from holding a very special place in my heart for a different reason, that day scared the heck out of me. Yes, it did. Natural calamities like such as an earthquake, and flood has time and again caused loss of life and property alike. The life comes to an abrupt halt whenever any natural calamity strikes and the destruction it brings with it leaves unbearable financial and emotional pain. You cannot rebuild a life that could not be saved, but you can rebuild your life.

You cannot rebuild a life that could not be saved, but you can rebuild your life


How life has changed after Modi?

Modi winning the elections and becoming the Prime Minister was largely predicted. So how has your life changed after about 10 months of Modi rule?

In essence, nothing much really. All of the actions Modi has taken so far are further promotions of what he wants to do. The Rs. 9 Lacs Modi suite he wore when meeting President Obama was a moral low, Ghaar Wapasi has been more damaging. Modi’s image of a doer has not yet to be seen on the ground.

True, it may take time to really start seeing the change, but many from BJP has been already professing that since they are in the center inflation has come down. As with any oil consuming economy, the recent dive in prices of crude oil has lead this downward rally. But if you remove that from the picture, there is almost no effect. The realty prices are not going down making affordable housing too difficult to achieve. (more…)