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Why I quit The Himalayan Tribe Working Committee

Update: After I quit the accusations were still flying around, and some well wishers and naysayers informed me a few of them. Here are my clarifications.

  1. I am accused of lying – that I never told them web server space cost Rs. 15,000. Well to be honest, I lent THT the server space that I already owned and operated and I did not buy it specifically for THT. That is why I never told them there will be any cost to bear in the first year! If people cannot understand difference between lending and buying, I cannot help!
  2. I am still accused of my intent of making money from website – this time, conversely with the thought that I would have made money from the hosting space renewal that THT will be buying in the second year onwards. Here is an excerpt from the charter that I had created, where I was supposed to be signatory as well, but which was never signed for god knows what reason.


TAMO Racemo is here and how!

Alright, I gotta admit that I am late in writing about it when the whole automotive media is already gung-ho! But that is the impact Tamo Racemo has created. Well, I will reserve my comments on the name for later in the article. But good lord, that thing is stunning!

Tata Motors sub-brand TAMO's RACEMO+ Forza Horizon 3 - front view
Tata Motors sub-brand TAMO’s RACEMO+ Forza Horizon 3 – front view

Tamo Racemo is also the first Indian car to feature in a major gaming series. When I say Indian, the manufacturer is what I meant. (more…)

Road accidents are caused by lack of riding ethics

Riding Ethics: Why should you say a no?

This is a guest post by Ankit Desai, who wrote this piece out of his pure passion for riding ethics that people tend to ignore. This post is in part of the series of Riding Ethics and Road Safety that I am working on. Share your views in the comment below.

This week yet again we lost a fellow biker. Anand Pawar, member of H.O.G., Pune chapter, passed away due to an accident en-route Goa. My condolences to both his family and H.O.G. Long days of riding, back-to-back long distances, and fatigue bad luck what ever.

The truth is a good soul was laid to rest too soon leaving behind a grieving family and a few friends. The rest of the world will forget in a matter of weeks may be days.  (more…)

RE THT Service Camp

RE Service Camp with The Himalayan Tribe

THT has been my man-Friday for anything related to my Yeti, the Himalayan. Two weeks ago, THT and Royal Enfield met up at Borivali Service Center for a training camp. Unfortunately I missed that.  During the question answer session, the discussion turned to issues everyone faces.

Yeti about to be stripped down
Yeti about to be stripped down

Taking a stone from the rock solid guys who were there, RE worked out details and collaborated with THT for a service camp. The date was 5th of Feb, 2017. And I had my clock (more…)

Yeti, The conquerer.

Auto Headlamps On or AHO in India to go live in April 2017

Alright, if you are a friend on Facebook, then you might have seen some of my posts talking about Auto Headlamps on or AHO. Government of India had issued a notification to all the two-wheeler manufacturers or importers in India. According to the rule, AHO is mandatory from April 2017. KTM, and other big bikes already have implemented it.

In 2014, close 40,000 people died in two-wheeler accidents (source). This number is due to various issues including lack of safety gear (helmets) and driving carelessly. Either by the rider or another three or four wheeled vehicle. It is obvious that roads in India are not safe enough, and are way too (more…)