Moving on!

Life has its own way of dealing with things. And when time is up, you must decide to move on. I have been through that situation recently, a very difficult but an important step in my career.

Oh yeah, that is it, the time is now,
It is time to move on and on and on,

Why and where I don’t know,
It is exciting when there is nothing planned down,

Head to a place where you can grow,
A place where you be on your own,

Saddle the ride and thrive,
That next level of excitement,

Take a break, you deserve it,
Go and talk, and have fun in it,

Life ain’t a game,
A game of dice,

This is a phase, and your premise.

Why you must keep reading?

I was having a conversation with my team members about the impact of reading and was surprised that people had so limited view of what is in store for them. Blame it on them not having met me before :). Jokes apart, they never got anyone in their family or circle of friends tell them these things. It is another matter that they should feel it within them, but it never occurred to me before I started as well so can’t blame them.

I spoke to them about the tiny islands of Tokelu and Tuvalu from my list of must visit destinations before I die, and they were totally surprised such places even exist. Showed them what Aurora means, how fascinating it is and what causes it. However, I could not digest the fact that they did not even recollect the difference between nuclear fusion and fission they learned in schools. (more…)

Kutch – my favorite place to be!

Kutch (or Kachchh)

Kutch, by far is the largest district in India. Kutch literally means something which intermittently becomes wet and dry and it is called so because large area of Kutch is shallow wetland which submerges into water during rainy season, and is known as Rann of Kutch. The Rann is famous for the salt flats which become snow white after the rain water dries up.

Sunset from the Train - on the way to Bhuj via Train
Sunset from the Train - on the way to Bhuj via Train
Banni Lands
Banni Lands

In Kutch is also my ancestor’s village. Unfortunately, I visited this beautiful place for the first time after I was 22 years old. I never grew up here but this is a place I am so fond of and I never miss a visit at least once in a year if not twice. The villages in Kutch are really awesome to be in and stay over. Life is here is very much laid back unlike Mumbai where it is too fast and one strong reason why I love to spend my vacations there.



Sweet lil Baby

She sleeps so cute,
As smooth as a flute,
Love to see her sleeping,
She is my baby cute,

Her glowing skin,
And her tiny chin,
Closing her eyes,
I think she is dreamin,

What i wonder,
I may never know,
But i am living my dream here,
Seeing my baby sleep,

Softly she breathes,
Brusing few strands of her hair,
I wish I could kiss,
Her lovely forehead,

I wanna be her pillow,
On my thighs she would rest,
Caress her hair,
Reassuring her of no fear,

Her face is bright in this dim light,
I see her beauty,
Damn I wish i could touch her,
In one of the coldest nights,

I wanna hug her warm,
So she can sleep at peace,
I love her charm,
Pressure to hold my love would ease,

She is beautiful,
She is gonna be mine,
I would remain forever faithful,
Today and every time,


I have finally completed my travel post on Kutch and it is now live on my blog. Do check it out!

Deep in the darkness of long night,
Is when travelling at speed of light,
I am going long away,
To a different state of my own mind,

Heavenly place may be waiting for me,
To show its lovely palace of sand,
Dunes I will miss and so will be the heat,
B’coz its winter with blanket of mist,

Its crystalline white mist I want,
From you the natural wonder land,
By each inch am closer to you,
I am eager more to snap a shot!

Black buck or a wild ass,
Natural assets & your lemon green grass,
Plucking peacock dancing in the hay,
What a beautiful beauty you amass,

Is gold and sandy so color to eyes,
Mid night moon will soon quell its ties,
A bright day and chilling sun light,
My surroundings become just as bright,

Wow, is what I feel to say,
When I think of you and feel gay,
Oh my dear wonder of nature,
Don’t wanna wait to come your way,

Isnt it true that I lust for your sand..

Hey beauty just thinking of you,
Ghoosebums spiraling my adrenaline up,
Into my chest, to my right arm,
No wonder that you are the great Rann..

Rann of Kutch
Rann of Kutch
Swans in Kutch
Swans in Kutch