Yeti with Pillion, pictures for the Trip Trailer and Trip Movie

Trip Trailer launched of our recent breakfast ride

I am happy to share with you the launch of our Trip Trailer, which will be followed by a short movie. Of course this sounds like we are into serious business, but trust me we are not! It is just a fun trip trailer and a fun trip movie created just to feel different.

Okay, so I was writing a post about lack of an opportunity to do a weekend or a breakfast trip. It is in the drafts. Thankfully, I do not have to post it now! 🙂

So it all happened in a jiffy and a ride on Saturday morning was planned to Igatpuri. While we were sure we could make that trip, what we hoped is if we could extend the trip to Bhandardhara. It is a very scenic place near the village of Shendi and also home to the highest peak in Maharashtra (more…)

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Yeti. The Himalayan beast in my life

Yeti is what I named him. Many preferred to call it a goat, a Himalayan Goat. But for me, it never looked like one. It always looked like the beast. Untamed, but well mannered and imposing. It has been an agonizing three and half months of a wait, to be honest. Waiting time for my beast was killing me. My friends who knew about this decision kept on asking me on the status, adding salt to the burn. On 16th of Aug., 2016 he arrived. I got to see first glimpse of Royal Enfield Himalayan, reserved in my name at the show room. (more…)

A silent sinful protest!

It is not unknown that you come across some people whom you don’t like, and then some you just down right hate. Oh yeah, everyone has that list of people and I am sure you do too. So it recently happened that this ex-colleague of mine is enjoying life to the fullest extent and I am sinfully feeling bad

It has been days since I last posted, with a post on my flying with experience Vistara in drafts. It is becoming difficult, but I am positive about me posting regularly. Call me a liar.

Yeah it is sinful to think it that way!

May be not. If you take my opinion, that is. If only you could really imagine and feel what I felt when I saw some recent updates on their social profile (haha, yes s/he is on my FB friends list). This person conspired my exit from one of my previous organization, but before the sinful plans could be executed, I excused myself and quit. That surely was a win for him/her, I just avoided it from being messy and held my self-respect.

Historically, this person had always been a treasured child, which earned him/her with multiple promotions in short span of time, with more than year worth of time offs and work from home (a criteria considered negatively while promoting others) in between. These two were the very reasons I was told do not entertain a promotion conversation for one of my own team member (who thoroughly deserved it).

Yeah, it is life and I cannot but help ignore it, alas, I am human after all.

Responsible Blogging

I blog. I live. It is me. #ResponsibleBlogging

To talk about being responsible and put things in context, let me redirect you to one of my recent post on bomb blasts in Pakistan. It was horrible, but there was a particular behavior the caught my eye. Earlier this year and late last year, there were two other blasts that shook the world – in France and Belgium. It is a sad example, I know but one that teaches how selective we are. My Facebook timeline was flooded (Disclaimer: I did not do it on both occasions) with people updating their profile picture over-laced with the French and the Belgian flag.

But the same thing did not happen for the blasts that happened in Pakistan. Does that have to do with the frequency of blasts in Pakistan or the hatred that we carry for them? I also posted the article link on Facebook, earned absolute Zero likes and comment – may be the text I wrote there was probably in-your-face!

#mourn #gulshaneiqbalpark blast in pakistan

Pakistan looses more lives to bomb blast again

A suicide bomber exploded at Gulshan-e-Iqbal park, Lahore in Pakistan. It is a park for god’s sake and there were a lot of families including children spending their Sunday evening there when the blasts took place. Not much information has been forthcoming, but majority of the dead are women and children. More than 65 are feared dead, a loss that the fanatics will never ever be able to repay.

It is sad that people of Pakistan had to go through this since more than a decade. The blasts have been frequent and have caused so much loss of life and injuries and pain! I could only wish it stopped now than ever! In 2015, more than 1000 people have lost their lives. Wikipedia has a list dedicated to terrorists attack in Pakistan. Go through the link for each year starting 2000, and you will only be human to feel utterly dejected. It is sad that instead of tackling this insurgency, the government and the ISI are busy thinking about India.

In 2015 alone, more than 1000 people have lost their lives.