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A Place for Lovers & Couples in Mumbai

After lunch, I was talking to my friends outside our office. A topic we discussed was Lover’s place in Mumbai. Suddenly pictures of Bandra Bandstand, Borivali National Park (Kanheri Caves), Juhu Beach and Airol Garden were flashing in minds of each one of us.

And then came the question? Where is a proper place for lovers and couples in Mumbai where they can sit together for a quite private moment. Well, I am not talking about extremes. I am only talking about having a place where a couple or lovers can sit together, exchange a few kisses and a hug.

I also agree that lovers sometimes get a bit over at some places, but its something which can be controlled. If we set up a park for lovers manned with one or two security guards its achievable.

This will help avoid embarrassment to the moral police when they walk across places and give lovers their freedom they deserve.

Lovers @ Bandra Bandstand

This has been the focal point for loves since years. To be sitting on the rocks with constant breeze and the smell of the sea, along with your loved one is the best place to be. Hold your hands and stare into each other’s eyes while you hear the breeze and of the waves can be a loving experience. However since it is open, there may be many stags who come there just to enjoy looking at couples and something that you wont appreciate. Also, transsexuals linger around and ask for money (they are the first ones to alert you in case of any miss happenings).

Borivali National Park (Kanheri Caves)

Its not a place to go for couples who are not interested in nature. There are many instances where couples go there and exceed all limits of decency which is not at all appreciated. Borivali National Park is a place to visit for the nature. If you want to spend a lovely time with your partner and take a glance at the nature, you will love it. The Kanheri caves have some of the nicest Buddhist architecture in the city, totaling near to 100 caves of all sizes. The park offers many attractions too.

Cinema Hall or a Multiplex

Like going to a Cinema hall (read Multiplex) where a flop movie is running. Given that it is a flop, you can be assured that there are limited number of people who will disturb you. A trick in the tale is, go there just before the show and while buying the tickets you can see the occupied seats. This way, you can choose the best seat possible. Maratha Mandir still shows Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (DDLJ) and your partner would love to watch it for the nth time.

Cafes and Discotheques

CCD as it is lovingly called, Cafe Coffee Day’s interesting caption says it all. “A lot can happen over Coffee”

In today’s time with so many cafe’s around (CCD, Barista, Mochas, Java Green etc. ) Mumbai, you can spend a lovely time with your loved one. With music on always, and the smell of coffee you can talk to your partner to your heart’s content. It may work out costly but still be cheaper than going to a Discotheque (Pub). There are numerous pubs in Mumbai and you can flock to anyone of these. Its all high class if you ask me, but these are too the best places to hang out with your partner if both of you are loud music fans.

Locate CCD outlets here.

Other places too are good for hanging out: Hanging Gardens, Horniman Circle Gardens, Juhu and Silver Beach, Chowpatty, Beach at Versova, Nehru Park etc.

Part 2 of this series: A Place for Lovers & Couples in Mumbai Part 2

Hemal Shah

Hemal works and lives in Mumbai suburbs, and writes about his personal interests and Indian politico-economic situations in a layman's language. He is an active IndiBlogger moderator (IndiPolice) and is an social person. Hemal designs, develops and solutions for Digital and Print media marketing for a living and is available for lectures to be given at events. Contact him at

87 thoughts on “A Place for Lovers & Couples in Mumbai

  1. Hello folks, let me suggest you some great places which i have tried myself and are absolutely safe..

    Tourist resort (gorai)
    Night – 1000 : hourly – 300

    Dariya kinara (gorai)
    Hourly : 300

    Sanvers (gorai)
    Night – 1200

    Vv hotel (gorai)
    Night 1000

    Green star (madh island)
    Night 1200 , hour 300

    Aksa restaurant (aksa beach)
    Hour 200/300

    Remember to carry valid id proof both for you and your girl.
    These rooms are safe, clean, tried & tested by myself almost since 3 years now.

    For any clarifications, doubts or help you can send me a mail on
    Any girl around mumbai who wana come for a fun time, party or hangout also feel free to contact. Have fun.

  2. Plsss suggest some places in Mumbai..where you can hangout without any disturbances and can have privacy as well as can make love with partner

  3. मेरे हिसाब से प्रेमी प्रमिकाओ को मार्वे बिच पर जाना चाहिये वहा 300 रूपी में 1 गंटे के लिए रूम मिलता हे
    वहा उनको पूरी आजादी और प्राइवसी मिलेगी

  4. What’s up, all the time i used to check weblog posts here in the early hours in the morning, since i love to find out more and more.

  5. Hi this is vishal 36 from bangalore…thank you all for suggesting places to Romance in mumbai…i am also very eager to visit to those place..but i just came from bangalore will be staying in mumbai for few months but right now i am alone to go to these places ,so if any ladies who are in same condition like me..then lets make freindship and will visit this places..genuine persons only can reply…refresher34 to my gmail acount….thank you hemal for creating this blog

  6. hello
    I am new in Mumbai and wwant to spent privecy moment with my girlfriend , plz tell me the best place where we can go, and enjoy , plz tell me about hotel because hotel are risky.
    money is not plb.

  7. I want privacy wid my gf…..
    we are in the same clg at churchgate we have kissed couples of tyms at Marine Drive but she is un-comfortable….
    she has put her view dat she does’nt like to do it in public….
    we need some privacy man….
    pls suggest a place whr we can spend some tym 2gether…

    1. plz go mulund life style mall and take thi. any movie tickets and enjoy. b.coz khali theatr. h yaar only 20 to 35 people hote h pic dekhne k liye

  8. hai, hemal
    please help me to give some advise for getting girl friend in mumbai,iam new here,i need a girl friend

  9. hey frnz I need ur help I went thru dis blog I noted some places from here but I want to hav a privacy wid my gal for few hours after this stressful exams so if any1 has any suggestion 4 a nyc place ver v can hav privacy in MUMBAI.

    pls suggest me sum plc by tomorrow at

    1. you can choose national park for it broo it cost 33rs per person but its full jungle inside n lots of restfull places for privacy!

  10. ha… ha… Hemal… It seems you have done a good study… :)P
    Very helpful for lovers in Mumbai, especially to people who are new to Mumbai…

  11. there is also 1 place which is not mentioned in all of your comments

    In Goregaon
    chota kashmeer
    there is 1 garden i dont remember that name
    today i go there with my gf
    in that garden entry charge in 15 per head only

    go in side there is lots of place
    before a couple of year in this garden family peoples goes
    but not now

    i think now its only for couples
    go with ur partner enjoy as u want
    but there is no room

    GO Plz let me know if some better place some one find where rarely people goes.

  12. Hey friends, I need a quiet hangout place in navi mumbai where i can get some privacy with my girlfriend. please suggest me any place in navi mumbai or nearby area

  13. Hey guys you can go to gorai beach near Borivili or Manori near Malad. Both places are awsome. There nobody will disturb u. Also you will get rooms on rent there for 2-3 hrs to full day up to you and that also within 300 to 500 rupees.

    1. can you give me more details on this how to go from malad stn and how to find rooms for rent cheap..i’v heard rooms r as cheap as i dny kno d exact place..pls do help..!!

  14. hey guys, I’ve gone through the blog and no 1 had a perfect suggestion … 🙁
    but here i can suggest 1 place which is very near to mumbai and moreover here wil u get privacy as well as lots of time to spend with ur beloved one..
    And it is a Kelve beach … 🙂
    here u can rent a hotel and have a fun at kelve beach…
    to reach der first u need to go to virar (last station on western line) then catch a memu (a shuttle local from virar to dahanu) and get down at kelve road station and then hire a share rickshaw (it cost 12-13 rs. per head) which wil leave u near to temple and der u can view lots of hotel and beach on the other hand..
    i think this is the best place for couples as here we can spend a quality time with our beloved one and also we can refresh ourselves from busy schedules and busy life …
    NOTE : there is no ATM available in kelve, one can have ATM only in Palghar (next to kelve station)

  15. hi,

    i agree the same , its very difficult to find place in mumbai for a day when we have to spend time with our partner.

  16. according to me the best place to hang out for couples dana pani which is a beach in malad and madh island which is again in malad. Dana pani has got big rocks wher a couple can sit beside it and have a lil privacy and will suggest u not to go on weekends coz it gets too crowded and people come to drink there and they try to misbehave if they don’t see another couple around and best part you will get bungalows and cottages if u r with family or group of frnds

  17. 1) 1 can go to cinemax along with partner. cinemax’s seats r comfortable as one can remove the middle hand stand between two seats.
    2) Fame gold class seats are very automatic comfort adjustable and huge. if ur slim trim u both can manage on 1 seat.

  18. m goin on my first date n my partner …I have no idea where to take him…we need sm peaceful place n sm privacy..plz suggest sm place nearer from andheri….

  19. Frnz…m goin on my first date n my partner gonna cm from Delhi…I av no idea where to take him…we need sm peaceful place n sm privacy..plz suggest sm place nearer from cst…

  20. hey this is one of the best place which i m going to tel u friends.

    That is a madiland is it in malad there is a lots of trees near the beach n also they are making a tent for a cuples which is packed from 4 site n facing the beach side that is on rent 4 a 200 to 300 sumthing so for me this is best place to the spendinp the time with ur beloved.

    It is from malad station to 10 mints far

      1. I like your blog because u give a open platform 4 people
        so they can exchange their views n people not even hesitated for asking question might be they receive good suggestions.
        to……….. good

  21. I think the best place for the couple to romance is home..simply wasting time by hanging out with our love here n there seeking for an good place to romance are totally waste of time.. rather thn invite ur love to ur place, be in bedroom n enjoy…. dont worry abt ur mom because she wil be busy cooking inside the kitchen:)

  22. hey yaar i have almost visited every place in mumbai where one can hangout with her partner, now i am looking for some new and different romantic place where i can get a privacy to spend a quality time wit my partner…….plz let me know if you know such places

  23. Well Hemal, if lovers have a place for each other in their hearts its more than enough…So dear look the place within not around 🙂

  24. I am also agree with both of my frendz, couples should have such place to interact & have a memorable time. Peoples needs to change their mentality, this is sure that there should be limit of privacy which shouldn’t cross limit of society but such a place should be find for lovers.

  25. Yep..!! I think its a fair suggestion but lets think something about the Capital New Delhi as well as the situation here is more severe than Mumbai.. I think some places should be on place for lovers to actually exchange the sentimental emotions.

  26. Why dont people in the power think about giving a free place for lovers? Its absolutely necessary. A Free space for Grand parents like Grand Parents park or something may be available, so why not for lovers?

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