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A lil confusing but very interesting… but Indianomics is indeed relaxing 🙂
(penned by Arti from My Yatra Dairy as her testimonial to this blog)

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I am Hemal Shah, an experienced Web Professional from Mumbai. I play with designs and visualize page design and content in sync, use Content Management Systems and SharePoint. Currently working in the field of IT Enabled Services with one of world’s largest MNC, where I lead Portal and SharePoint Services for our client.

Work Experience

I have experience on various content management systems including Live link WCM, Song Bird, Team Site, Web Sphere, Open share and SharePoint etc. I also have successfully implemented an intranet based Social Network on Sharepoint 2007 (MOSS 2007) platform. The project went on to win the Bronze award (3rd standing in September 2010) from a total 360 applications received from all over the world at the Global Work Out Awards and Gold Ovation (June 2010) in India at Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS Business Services India Pvt. Ltd.)

With total 13 years of experience in variety of fields, and about 9 years of experience on web administration, content management and project management. My first break in IT industry came from Y on Earth Interactive, where it helped me gain immense management and technical information. It also provided me with an opportunity very few people would get at the age of 17.

I have worked with big names like Air India, Shaw Wallace, HLL, ABN AMRO, Royal Bank of Scotland, etc. which thought me the roots of Brand management and ideas. Working with senior and juniors alike helped me immensely in my visualization skills and managing client accounts at times gave my communication skills a great boost.

After being a Y on Earthling for a year, I decided to move on and got an opportunity to work on site with ABN AMRO client side, while working with Landmark Solutions.


I started blogging on Blogspot in the year of 2005, though it never really caught on till the year 2008 when I got my own website and moved my blog to self-hosted WordPress. I am an active member of IndiBlogger, where I am one of the IndiPolice (moderator) of Forum. I have attended many IndiBlogger IndiMeets, and have constantly volunteered for their Events in Mumbai.

By education, I am a Bachelor in Commerce, with specialization in Management. I like to read books and for passion, I Love someone more than my life.

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